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Instant Hot Apple Cider

by Meghann on September 17, 2012

Keurig Update: Derek and I are still loving our Keurig. We tend to use the reusable k-cup during the week (with our favorite dark roast coffee grounds), but we also have a stash of fun coffee flavors (Green Mountain Hazelnut, Wild Blueberry, and Pumpkin Spice) for when we’re feeling lazy or in need of a treat. I think it’s a great balanced system that’s working for us.

Last week the folks at Keurig sent us an adorable retro lunchbox filled with their specialty Hot Apple Cider and Lemonade k-cups to try.

20120913_160544.jpg 20120913_160601.jpg

I tried the Hot Apple Cider first.


Not bad. It was sweet, slightly tart, and leaves you feeling all warm inside after every sip. My only problem was it was 90 degrees outside when I was drinking it. Apple cider is a fall drink and, unfortunately, it doesn’t feel like fall yet in Florida. I bet this drink will be 10x better once it cools down outside.


I’d love to tall you how the lemonade was (it’s a brew-over-ice k-cup), but they were all gone by the time I returned from my trip last night.

IMG_1144.jpg IMG_1150.jpg

Eh. What can you do? At least I can take it as a good sign that Derek enjoyed them. :)

Have you tried the Hot Apple Cider or Lemonade k-cups? What did you think?

Oh, and speaking of packages, look what else came in the mail today!


Technically Emily had asked me to be her bridesmaid the day after she got engaged, but it was still fun to receive the little package in the mail. Makes me wish I’d done something similar when I asked my own bridesmaids. :)



I’m really starting to wonder where my appetite has disappeared to, I just haven’t been very hungry lately. I only ate about 3/4 of my breakfast this morning and 1/2 of my sandwich last night. I saved the other 1/2 for lunch today and paired it with a peach, but didn’t even eat that until close to 2:00.


What looks like a small plate of food was actually a very filling lunch. So strange.

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