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Chicago Runner

by Meghann on September 16, 2012

Good morning, Chicago!


Man, I could not wait to run here! Chicago has an amazing running path along Lake Michigan that I’ve had the pleasure of running (and falling in love with) in the past. When I discovered I was coming to Chicago, that running path – and my planned 10 mile run – was one of the first things that popped in my mind. I’ve been itching all weekend to lace up my running shoes and just run.

I was planning to set my alarm super early to knock out all 10 miles with the sunrise, but on the walk back to the hotel in the cool air last night, I realized I didn’t have to. There was no danger of temps rising above 80 degrees before 7:00am, so there was no need to fit my run in before then. Sweet. Instead I set my alarm for 7:00 and enjoyed an extra of hour of sleep.

I had a granola bar before my run and hit the road. However, I didn’t get very far. 1/2 a mile in I ran into the lovely Gina, who was manning a water stop for the CARA 20 mile run with her Lululemon girls.


Gina and I go way back, but even though we’ve run a few of the same races together, this was our first time meeting in person. It was just a quick “Hello!” but so fun to meet her! Gina is my running idol. She eats, lives, and breathes running and her passion for the sport is so inspiring. If you don’t follow her yet, I highly suggest checking her blog out.

*side note* love her neon yellow Lulu shorts! I suddenly want a pair of my own. ;)


The rest of my run was fairly quiet and relatively easy (it always amazes me how easier it is to run in climates that aren’t 95% humidity!). I just sort of let my legs do their thing and they carried me at a lovely 9:00 min/mi pace. This run was leaps and bounds better than my 8 miles a couple of weeks ago, which just goes to show you that no two runs are ever the same.


Once agan, the Lake Michigan path did not fail to impress me. There was a ton of shade and plenty of water stops along the way. Whenever I felt thirsty, I swear one would just magically appear.


So happy I was able to fit my long run in while in Chicago. Running while traveling is the best!


After my run I stopped at Jamba Juice and grabbed a Caribbean Passion smoothie to hold me over until brunch.

20120916_092950.jpg 20120916_092941.jpg


Now I’m off to explore the city with Adena.

Have a great Sunday!

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