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The Little Swimmer That Could

by Meghann on September 11, 2012


Thank you for all of the kind comments on my Meals and Miles 4th birthday post! This blog has been one hell of an adventure and it wouldn’t have gone anywhere without all of your amazing support over the years. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The pool was packed this morning. Lately the mornings have been fairly empty, so this was a little bit of a surprise. We all squeezed in two lanes and (luckily) only had a moderate workout to get through. We started with drills, kept a medium pace for a 400, 300, and 100, and then finished with 6 x 50 @ 1:00. Honestly, I think my arms were still tired from last week’s speed sessions that they welcomed the casual pace of the practice. No complaints here.

Breakfast was a lovely bowl of hot peaches, warm almond butter, peach Chobani, and granola.


Lunch was a salad of leftovers.


Spinach topped with mushrooms, roasted potatoes, green beans, and bbq pork.


I made the not-so-smart mistake of eating everything cold. The first few bites were okay, but after that I was over it. Definitely would have been a better meal if the pork and potatoes were warm. Eh. Live and Learn.

Q & A

Sarah recently sent the following question via email and I thought it was a question worth sharing on the blog.

I’m emailing you now because I’m really frustrated. I want to start doing triathlons next year and I’ve got the running and the biking part down. The swimming part is…well..getting me really down. I’m part of the tri team at my university now and I’m taking a swimming techniques class but I just feel like I’m not progressing. I’m seriously the slowest swimmer and my technique is still terrible. I’ve been working really hard for a few months now and I feel like I’m still at square one. Did you ever feel this way? Do you have any tips for a girl who’s seriously frustrated with swimming? I just feel like completely giving up. :( Thanks for being such an inspiration! <3

This email really struck me because I’m the slowest swimmer in our swim group. If our coach told all of us to do a 100 as fast as we could, I would come in dead last every time – no questions asked. My technique is also something I continue to struggle with (as I’ve blogged about multiple times) and most days I feel like I’me starting from square 1 all over again. However, I have to remind myself I’ve only been swimming regularly with a group since April, and that these things take time.

Trust me, I know how frustrating situations like that can be. You just have to have patience and know, with a little hard work and extra effort, it will come eventually. The first thing I would do is ignore where everyone else is in their training and just concentrate on your own goals and successes. Celebrate the small victories and use those as motivation to keep going. Also, remember to trust your coach. I was complaining to my coach one time about being last “once again” when he reminded me that instead of finishing two laps behind, I was only one. I still felt like I was far in the back, but there was significant improvement I probably would have missed if he hadn’t pointed it out.

Don’t give up! I’ve given up on swimming before and, trust me, it’s not any easier when you come back. The best you can do is grit your teeth, listen to instructions, and have a positive attitude that you will succeed!

And remember that the swim is the shortest distance of a triathlon. You could be dead last and still kick butt on the bike and running!

Good luck, Sarah!

Do you have any advice for Sarah?

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