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Death by swim practice

by Meghann on September 7, 2012

It’s official – our swim coach is trying to kill us.

Alright, that’s a stretch.

He’s not trying to kill us, per se, but he’s definitely trying to make us stronger swimmers, which requires a little a little pain along the way.


When we arrived at the pool this morning, I’m not sure any of us realized how much we were still recovering from Wednesday’s 4×100’s workout. We all got in for our 400 warm-up and were lightly complaining of sore arms and muscles. Those 4×100’s were definitely biting us in the butt. I believe it was Mary who said that hopefully Felipe would take it easy on us since we worked so hard on Wednesday. Famous last words, right?

We started with the warm-up, followed by 4 x 50 fist drills, and then the fun really began.

“50’s on 1:00 – go!”

Do you know what’s the worst part when he yells things like that? You don’t know how many there will be. Could be anywhere between 4 and 50. You just have to keep going and hope the next set is the last.

I was averaging 00:50 per 50 for the first 4 50’s, then my body started to slow down. My form wasn’t anywhere near where it should be and I knew I needed a break. We were told to sit out a set if we couldn’t make the interval, so the first time I came back at 1:00, I sat out. After I rested, I joined back with the team and finished the remaining sets.

10 50’s (or 8 in my case) were done. Awesome. We did a slow recovery 50, then coach told us to prepare for our next set of 50’s. Wait – there’s more?

This time he dropped it to 8 x 50. I did the first 4, sat out and rested when I didn’t make the interval, then finished the sets with my team.

Another easy 50, followed by 6 x 50 on 1:00.

One more easy 50, with the finale of 4 x 50 on 1:00.

Something happened in the last set of 50’s. I think my legs were bending too much when I was kicking and I over extended my knee or something because I had an odd pain in my knee during the last 25 meters of the second 50. I got out and rubbed the spot that felt off and the pain when away. It wasn’t a sharp pain, more like a spasm. After a few minutes, I tested it back in the water and everything seemed fine. Leave it to a runner to somehow hurt her knee in the water – wasn’t even sure that was possible!

I was panting and exhausted at the end of the workout, but really proud of myself. Sure, I did have to sit out a few 50’s, but the fact that I averaged more intervals on than off, was a huge achievement.

I even got my first “well, done” message from my coach via Facebook.

Screen shot 2012-09-07 at 9.58.09 AM.png

You better believe I took a screen shot of that sucker! ;)

Here’s what the final workout looked like:

Screen shot 2012-09-07 at 10.02.50 AM.png

Please note that I sat out of the 6 50’s. I’m guessing I did 1900 meters.

After the workout, I couldn’t wait to eat at home.


A juicy nectarine, scrambled eggs with spinach, and a piece of toast with strawberry jam – perfection.

Now my body is good and tired, while my mind is ready to take on the day. What an awesome way to kick off the morning. :)

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