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Running Party

by Meghann on September 1, 2012

8 miles. Done!


Woo hoo! My farthest run since May – I’m very proud of myself for that. :)

It hit me sometime last week that I’m not making the commitment to my running like I should be. Running season is just around the corner and I need to work on building my base back up sooner rather than later. So my goal is to do just that. I even put a public commitment out there to keep myself in check.

Screen shot 2012-09-01 at 1.05.14 PM.png

I always feel like that once I put something out there, I’m more likely to achieve that goal. Then it’s not just me out there, I have a whole team of support out there cheering me on to succeed (and I’m cheering on their goals too!). There’s definite power in numbers!

My Facebook update led to a group email chain among friends, which led to plans for a Saturday group run and a potluck breakfast afterwards. Gosh I love the internet. And I love running friends. Running friends rock.

Mary had to cover more miles than the rest of us, so she started her run on the early side, while Courtney, Meg, Marcus, and I met her at 7:30 to finish out the remaining miles together.

We headed towards Davis Island. Marcus was only covering 3 miles, so we lost him around 1.5 miles as he turned around and headed home.

It was HOT, really hot. The forgiving temps the threat of Isaac had provided last weekend were long gone. We had nothing but sunshine, heat, and humidity and all of us were dying in it. I realized early on that there was no way I was going to be able to hold the 8:30-ish pace the lead girls were holding for all 8 miles. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one. Meg was breathing heavy next to me and told me she was probably going to cut back early and only cover 6. Music to my ears. New plan – turn back with Meg and finish the last two miles on my own.

At mile 3, Meg and I waved good-bye to Courtney and Mary and set back on our way back to Mary’s. We stopped at all the water fountains and I completely refilled my water bottle twice. I forgot what it was like to run in this heat. I should have brought some Gatorade to rehydrate with – the water wasn’t cutting it on its own.

We eventually made our way back off the island and turned towards the final street back home. In the final stretch Meg told me to go ahead. She had actually been telling me to go ahead for the last mile. Meg’s an AWESOME runner, her PRs put all my PRs to shame, but she recently moved to the area and wasn’t used to these conditions. The fact that she was having problems maintaining a good pace, proves how bad the conditions were.

I made sure Meg had the directions to get back and took off for my final two. And by “took off” I simply mean that I continued to “fake it until I could make it” in the final two miles. I stuck to shady sidewalks and just kept moving at whatever pace my legs felt like they could maintain. I went from an 8:40 mile for my first mile of the day, to a 10:01 for my eighth. I didn’t care – I was done.

When I finished my watch (I got a new Forerunner 10 last week – details to come soon!) flashed “Congrats – New Distance Record!” I couldn’t help, but laugh. Yep, new distance alright. Rock on.

I found Meg back at Mary and Marcus’s place and Courtney and Mary joined us shortly thereafter (they ended up cutting their run short due to the horrible heat). We were a group of hot, sweaty runners, more than ready to eat.


And eat we did. Hello, breakfast spread!



I went back for another cinnamon roll. Mary made them from scratch – AMAZING!


We should have running parties more often. Good friends. Good run (well, in theory). Good food. I’ll take it!

Happy Saturday!

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