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One On One

by Meghann on August 31, 2012

Good Morning!

Happy Friday!

You can tell summer is almost over when you arrive at the pool at 6:30am and it’s empty. The afternoons are another story, high school swim practice and the fall masters’ teams have taken over the pool, making it impossible to find more than two lanes for our group to swim in. However, all of the rec leagues that the high schoolers swam in over the summer no longer have their early practices and triathlon season is winding down for all the early morning triathlete swimmers. The pool was shockingly empty when we pulled up – enough for all 6 of us to have our own lanes if we wanted.

I ended up sharing with Mary in case any new swimmers did come and wanted a lane of their own. We started with a 400 warm-up, then 10 x 100s with a full pull kit (paddles, pull buoy, foot strap) and 15 seconds rest. After the pulls, Mary and Marcus had to go, so while Courtney helped out our new teammate Chris, our coach (Felipe) took me on as his special project of the day.

The one-on-one with our coach was actually pretty sweet. He swam 50 yards at a time with me and pointed out a few things that I was doing wrong. He’s pointed those things out before, but now that it was just the two of us – and he could really take the time to explain what each of the corrections meant – a lot of the stuff actually started to make sense. I could feel myself improving with each set and about 4 50s in, he said I was 95% there.

Of course, after I reached that 95% perfect stroke point, he jinxed me. He told me I had almost nailed it and if I could do it one time, then I could keep doing it over and over again. Telling me I was on the edge of perfection and that it should be a piece of cake to repeat that, caused me to think too much and I lost it. Grr… That ALWAYS happens, I get so close to something, then someone tells me I’m great, and I lose it. Don’t tell me I’m great. Keep telling me I need to work harder – I seem to respond better that way.

Still, I was happy with practice. I got a sense of what the proper rotation should feel like and have a little better understanding of how to achieve that. Let’s hope that all transfers to next practice. :)

I kept breakfast simple.


I’m going to be sad when peaches go out of season, I’ve really been enjoying them lately. Especially on top of toast with almond butter, flax seed, and walnuts.


Something that surprised me today – the Wild Mountain Blueberry K-cups are actually delicious.


Green Mountain had sent me the K-cups earlier this month to try. I’ll admit I was really nervous to try them. I’ve never had a fruity coffee and wasn’t sure I was going to like it. In fact, I had pretty much already determined that the coffee would be bad. The k-cups had been on my countertop for weeks and I hadn’t been tempted to try them at all.

I’m not sure why I was feeling extra brave today, but I decided to give it a go. You know what? It wasn’t bad. I would actually go as far to say that it was pretty good. I’m not sure I would buy them on my own, but I have no problem finishing the rest of the package of K-cups or drinking a cup at a friend’s house if offered. Huh. I guess the saying really is true – don’t knock it, ’til you try it.

What’s something you’ve tried lately that you weren’t expecting to like, but surprisingly enjoyed?

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