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by Meghann on August 29, 2012

Five Things:

1. I’ve decided to dive into the Women’s Health Wedding Day Workout program. I completed workout A last week and did workout B this morning. Realizing I need to legitimately track my progtess to keep myself interested (a la NROLFW), I’m creating some excel spreadsheets to track everything and hope to “officially” start next week. This plan should keep me regularly strength training for 8 weeks, then the plan is to dive into CrossFit for the two months leading up to the wedding. Well, that’s the plan anyway,


2. I am completely addicted to Hunger Games on tape.. err.. ipod. I’m finding it hard to put down and am finally starting to realize what all the fuss is about. Also, love multitasking with the audiobook version. I could listen to the book while strength training at the gym. Two birds, one stone.


3. This one’s for Courtney – yes, ricotta made an appearance for breakfast this morning.


“Cannoli” Cereal

  • Granola
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Raspberries
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Almond Butter


Courtney likes to joke that I add ricotta cheese to everything. Well, that’s because ricotta cheese goes with everything. It has a nice mild flavor that really works well with any pairing. I’m a fan (especially when you sweetened it up a bit so it resembles a cannoli filling)

4. Registration for the Best Damn Race opens on Friday.

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 9.57.53 AM.png

A friend of a friend is putting this race on and the concept is genius, really. Registration starts at $1 on Friday and will steadily rise from there.


01-19 = $1

20-29 = $2
30-39 = $3
40-49 = $4
50-59 = $5
60-99 = $10

100-250 = $20
251-500 = $25
501+ = $30

Week of Race & On-site Registration = $35
(if available)

1/27 – 2/2


01-19 = $1

20-29 = $4
30-39 = $6
40-49 = $8
50-59 = $10
60-99 = $15

100-250 = $25
251-500 = $30
501+ = $35

Week of Race & On-site Registration = $40
(if available)

1/27 – 2/2


01-19 =$1

20-29 = $5
30-39 = $10
40-49 = $15
50-59 = $20
60-99 = $25

100-250 = $35
251-500 = $55
500+ = $65

Week of Race & On-site Registration = $80
(if available)

1/27 – 2/2

Talk about a way to encourage runners to register early. I’m pretty sure I will be at my computer the minute it opens and even joked that I would pay for a few friends’ registrations as well. At $1 a piece, it’s my gift to them.

The race also promises:

  • Best Damn FREE Beer/Food/Massages
  • Best Damn Finisher Medal & Certificate
  • Best Damn Goodie Bag
  • Best Damn Post Race Party & More!

Umm… I’m pretty sure you had my attention at $1 registration fee, but I’ll take the “best damn” of everything else – no problem.

If you’re interested, the Best Damn Race is the weekend of February 1st-2nd in Safety Harbor, FL. More information can be found HERE.

5. Republican National Convention


I’ve had a few questions about the RNC being in town. Truthfully, most of the RNC peeps are staying in St. Pete (who wouldn’t want to turn a national convention into a beach getaway?) or South Tampa. I live no where near any of those areas, so I haven’t had any random celebrity sightings or had to deal with traffic.

I think people forget how small of a city Tampa is (I mean, we’re a decent sized city, but not big by any means), so South Tampa/ Downtown is a mess right now. The RNC brought in 100,000+ people and a while slew of additional security. I went running in the area on Sunday and could see where they had started to block everything off. I think I’m happy staying on my end of town, away from all the craziness.

However, it is kind of cool to see parts of Tampa pop-up on CNN, or read the articles on what the news sources think people in the RNC should do while they’re in town (makes me giggle some of the restaurants they’re recommending, though I was happy to see The Refinery get a shout out! love that place.)

I think that’s it!

What’s on your mind today?

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