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We’re Fenceless

by Meghann on August 28, 2012

Looks like the 4 mile run (+ multiple living room laps) have finally caught up to someone.


So peaceful. So quiet. So much trouble when you least expect it.

Our neighbors are having some work done in their backyard. They had to rip down the fence to put a new patio in, which gives Maddie a clear view of the construction workers from our back sliding glass door. She’s been going CRAZY all morning letting them know that A) they’re not supposed to be there, B) this is her turf, and C) she’s bigger than they are (at least, in her eyes, she is). I’ve closed the curtains, but she can still hear their voices outside. She eventually wore herself out and crashed on the couch, but every once in a while she’ll pick her head up to make sure everything is still ok.

I never really knew how much I enjoyed the privacy our fence provided until it was gone. No more taking photos of my food on my back porch in my underwear. You know… if I did that. Which I didn’t. I’m just saying, I couldn’t do that anymore if I wanted to…. awkward

Speaking of food.


(Photo taken while fully clothed and awkwardly waving at curious constructions workers)

I need to hit the grocery store. Badly. But my morning got away from me and all of a sudden it was 12:30 and I was hungry. I found a 1/4 of a red onion, 1 tomato, a carrot, and bag of kale in the fridge and decided I could do something with this.


I chopped the onion and carrot, then added it to a hot pan with a little evoo, salt, and pepper. Once the carrots and onion were soft, I added 1/2 a can of garbanzo beans and a couple of handfuls of kale. I covered the dish, let the kale steam a bit, then plated it with some cheese and the sliced tomato.


Lunch was served.

Give me a few random items and I can make a meal out of anything. Take that empty fridge! (well, not really empty, but empty enough)

New wedding post! The story behind our toasting flutes (yes, there’s a sentimental story that goes with them)

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