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Wedding: Our Toasting Flutes

by Meghann on August 28, 2012

Me: “I ordered our toasting flutes”

Derek: “What? We’re having flutes at the wedding?”

Me: ” No, they’re our champagne glasses.”

Derek: “Oh, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”


But, yes, we do have our toasting flutes!


You may or may not have noticed that there is a major sentimental vibe going on with this wedding. My veil is made of a piece of my mom’s veil (with another 1/3 going to my sister and sister-in-law on their wedding days), I’m wearing my mom’s sapphire bracelet as my “something borrow,” we’re using my parents’ cake cutter (my sister used it too), I’m the third generation in my family to have sapphires in her wedding set, and my wedding band is made up of sapphires and diamonds from a necklace my parents’ gave me in high school.

Here’s the latest sentimental element we can add to that trend. Our toasting flutes? They’re from the same shop my parents bought theirs from in 1982.


Recognize the place? Arribas Bros is located in Downtown Disney. When my parents were dating, they spent a lot of time in the Disney area. During their engagement, they wandered into the store on one of their date nights and ordered two personalized glasses for their wedding (glasses they still have today).

I never knew that their glasses were from Downtown Disney until I called my parents in early June to check-in on them and discovered they were in the Disney area with my sister ordering glasses for her wedding. After I heard the story (I’m a sucker for sentimental stuff), I knew that’s where I wanted to order our toasting flutes from too.


(Kelly and Anthony’s flutes)

I was in Orlando earlier this month for a baby shower and asked my parents if they wanted to meet up for dinner before I drove back to Tampa. While we were throwing our food suggestions, I mentioned Downtown Disney and we agreed to meet outside the glass shop to go ahead and order the toasting flutes for mine and Derek’s wedding.


I selected a set of basic flutes for engraving, but wasn’t sure what else I wanted on them besides our names and wedding dates. I was hoping there would be a catalog of art for ideas, but the sales person told us the artist could really do anything we wanted.

She started ticking items off… Wedding bells? No. Hearts? No Flowers? No Disney character? (this one made me smile) No.

Then my dad threw out snowflakes.

Snowflakes? Could they do snowflakes? Of course, the artist could do anything I wanted. Sweet!


So we had a plan. My name and the wedding date on one flute and Derek’s name and the wedding date on the other flute, with snowflake accents on the backside of both. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Unfortunately the engraver was booked solid for the evening, so we requested that the flutes ship to my parents’ address instead of driving back to Downtown Disney in the near future to pick them up. I think the free shipping versus the time wasted in the car or money on gas was what won us over.


The flutes arrived on my parents’ doorstep last week.


We love them.


And the snowflakes were the perfect, personal touch.


(I spy a curious puppy in the background.)

So we have our toasting flutes! One more small detail to cross off the list!

Did you have personalized toasting flutes?

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