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Running Buddies

by Meghann on August 26, 2012

I miss long runs with friends.

On Friday, Mary told me she was running 20 miles on Sunday and was recruiting friends to run part of the distance with her. Knowing I haven’t run more than 6.5 miles since May, I told her I would be more than happy to run some of it with her, but definitely not all of. Yesterday she sent a group text giving the thankfully decent meet-up time of 7:30 and i set my alarm clock accordingly. I’m not going to lie, I was tempted to bail, but after another friend said she couldn’t make it, I decided having one friend bail was enough and I could do this.

Once I was up and at Mary’s, I’m glad I didn’t bail. You never regret a run, right? Especially a run with friends. Courtney joined us as well and, together, we did a 6 mile loop of beautiful Davis Island. Mary and Courtney have been suffering from lack-of motivation this season (as have I), so I think we all needed each other. We kept their version of “easy” pace (currently 8:30 min/mile = my version of holy-crap-this-is-fast pace) and I found myself thankful whenever we saw a water fountain and could take a break.

Mary had completed 10.5 miles before Courtney and I joined her, I ran 6 miles with them, then Courtney finished the remaining miles with Mary. I wish I could have kept with them, but I know my limits and I think 6 miles at their pace was about all I could handle. I was happy to be done.

Screen shot 2012-08-26 at 11.19.00 AM.png

What? You mean you don’t head right back to your car and start taking ridiculous self portraits of yourself after a run?!

It was nice to run with friends and there’s no way I would have pushed myself like I did today without them. Thank you, Mary, for inviting us out today!

When I made it back home, Derek and I made egg sandwiches for breakfast.


Two pieces of wheat toast, two eggs, two pieces of ham, and goat cheese.


I’m a little sad we’re out of fruit, but the sandwich definitely hit the spot.

I’m off to a friend’s baby shower!

Have a great Sunday!

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