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It’s all about the mesh

by Meghann on August 23, 2012

Remember when you were a kid and the first week of school was always the best, not only because there usually wasn’t a lot of work involved, but also because you had a whole slew of new clothes to wear for the first week? I remember waking up so excited to wear my fresh, new clothes that I had been saving for the first week of classes. Honestly, I think it made it easier getting out of bed knowing there were new clothes to wear.

That same mindset is still with me today. I’m usually not sure what I’m more excited about – wearing the new outfits I’ve purchased for certain events or the actual events. If anything, the promise of wearing the new outfits makes me that much more excited for the events themselves (which sort of explains my overflowing closet and that feeling of “I have nothing to wear” because old clothes don’t excite me as much as new ones #clotheshoardersanonymous ).

The same can be said for running. When I know I have a new running outfit to wear, I’m just that much more likely to jump out of bed in the morning to run in it. When some new Brooks Running gear arrived on my doorstep yesterday – I knew today was going to be a good day for running. :)


Just a reminder that I am a Brooks Ambassador and they occasionally send me products to review. All opinions are my own. :)

I was very excited when Brooks emailed me about this month’s product: the Women’s D’lite Mesh Tank


With lightweight mesh in fun colors, on-the-go gals can wear this tank for the run or around town. Maximum breathability makes it a great layering piece or wear-alone for hot weather conditions.

And I don’t know how to say this without being corny or bias, but can I just give a quick shout out to the product videos that Brooks has on all their product pages?! I feel like sizing can be tricky when it comes to ordering workout clothes online. Some stuff runs really fitted, some stuff runs loose, and then there’s the whole “semi-fitted” stuff. Without trying it on in person, or seeing how it moves, I never know what to order. I’m in between sizes depending on the fit/brand/how much my belly is sticking out that day. Especially with shirts I’ve never even heard of before (like the mesh tanks) I’m at a loss.

The video (shown below) helped a ton. Not only was I able to see hot it fit and moved on the girl, but I was able to see how thin the shirt actually was and even a few tips on how to wear it.

There was also the Brooks Women’s PR Mesh Skort

Mesh Skirt.jpeg

We’ve taken our popular 2-in-1 mesh skort and made it even better with extra length and improved grippers on the hem of the inner short. Style, performance, fit — what else is there? Wear it anywhere your active day takes you… even upside down on the monkey bars.

You know me and running skirts – LOVE!

Just for fun – here’s the skort’s product video:

Knowing that the new clothes were waiting for me, I bounced out of bed – ready to run!


Let’s start with the shirts – yes, shirtS. The Women D’lite Mesh Tanks are so light and airy that they are actually meant to be layered.

Check out how thin that material is.


It’s light as air and feels like netting. Layering the two tanks didn’t feel bulky or odd, it just felt normal.

However, this IS Florida and, as light and airy the shirts felt layered, it was still close to 90 degrees at 7:00am and too hot to wear anything remotely layered, so I discarded the top shirt.


Much better.


See the lime green top and lime green Pure Connects? What can I say – I like to stand out in a crowd. ;)

The single layer top was awesome. It was very light, comfortable, and still managed to wick away a good amount of sweat. It’s PERFECT for the Florida humidity or running on a hot day. I also liked the fit. It’s semi-fitted and very easy to move in. The best part is that it doesn’t cling, which I think you can attribute to the amazing mesh fabric – most running shirts of similar cuts and styles (but different fabrics) always cling – this one was perfect. I only wish it was more flattering of a cut – the high neck and arms does nothing for my short torso.


The skort.


Hmm… maybe I should have taken more photos of just the skort? Well, at least I know it makes my butt look good… I mean fast. It makes my butt look fast. ;)

The skort was just okay. I liked the material and the fit, but wasn’t a fan of the cut. I prefer running skirts to have slits on the side that allow a little more breathability and movement when running. The bloomers underneath were nice though and never rode up – they do earn bonus points for that. So if you don’t mind a slit-free skort and are looking for something that doesn’t ride up – this is clearly a winner.

Both clothing items went out on a 3 mile run today – I’ll have to see how they measure up on longer distances. I’ll let you know if anything crazy happens! Also, I think the mesh tank would be a great item to wear to the beach or a theme park (especially if you want to go on water rides). After my run, I didn’t even feel sweaty and gross wearing it – it dries in an instant!

After my run I made a parfait with yogurt, granola, and berries.


That hit the spot!

What has been some of your favorite running gear this summer?! Share in the comments below!

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