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I have a hair person!

by Meghann on August 23, 2012

I’ve never had a regular hair person in my life. Ever.

When I was a kid my mom took us to get our hair cut at Hair Cuttery and, when I went to college, the local Aveda hair school was too good of a deal to pass up ($35 for a full head of highlights?! sign me up!). Fast forward to Orlando, another Aveda school, more awesome deals. I even started buying group deals for local hair places and continued to jump around from salon to salon as I transitioned from Orlando to Tampa.

If I were to bet money on it, I would probably bet that the same person had never touched my hair twice in my first 26 years of life. I’m a big believer that we are creatures of our parents’ habits (my mom doesn’t wear make-up regularly – I don’t wear make-up regularly, my dad makes bad jokes – I make bad jokes, etc.) and since my mom never had a regular hair person while I was growing up, I never picked that habit up from her.

I didn’t mind not having a regular hair person. I was never really excited about my hair, but I wasn’t beating myself up over it either. I also wasn’t a fan of spending so much money on hair on a regular basis. I developed a habit where I would cut all of my hair off (think above the shoulders), then go for a very long time (my record in college was 15 months) without another hair cut. In the meantime my hair would get ridiculously long.

100_0664.JPG 100_1836.JPG

October 2004 v. October 2006

I was in the middle of the whole growing it out process (and it had been more than a few months since my last hair cut – try 8) when I got engaged in January. It was almost to that point where I was tired of messing with it and was ready to donate 10 inches. After I got engaged, i knew I couldn’t donate it quite yet ( I still plan to donate it after the wedding, but want to keep it long for the big day). I was stuck.

A couple of months went by, then, in March, I decided I wanted to get my hair blown out for my engagement photos. A friend recommended Levels Salon in South Tampa and I ran in after a yoga class hoping they could squeeze me in. Luckily they had an opening. I met Stephanie and for the first time (probably ever) it felt like someone finally got my hair. She worked MAGIC on it.


I booked a real appointment that week and had my first haircut in months. It was awesome. And you know what happened? When I went to leave she told me to see her again in 10-12 weeks – I booked my follow-up appointment (for June – it was March). I knew if I didn’t book it that day, that I would never call back for another. June would come and go and I would forget to make time for my haircut – that’s what happens.

June came and I went to my appointment on schedule. After that appointment, I re-booked for August. On Monday I got my little reminder text message and today I headed to Levels Salon to meet Stephanie for the hair appointment.

I told Stephanie the front of my hair was bothering me and my hair felt heavy (side note: this is big because I never quite know when the stylists ask “so what do you want done today?”). She added some face framing layers to the front, more layers to the back, and even took the time to curl my hair as a special treat.


Ummm….. now I need somewhere fancy to go with my new ‘do. A good hair style is not one to waste! Also, why can’t I get that good of curls on my own?!

The point of this very long and drawn out story is – I finally have a hair person! Her name is Stephanie, she works at Levels, and I can’t wait to see her again in November (remember, the key to this relationship is making the appointments in advance so I remember to go to them).

Do you have a regular hair person? Or are you a nomad hair person like I once was?

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