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Wedding: The First Dance

by Meghann on August 22, 2012

I’m going to be honest here, selecting the song for the first dance was something that was really low on my priority list at the beginning of wedding planning. Even though Derek and I have been dating on and off since 2005, we’ve never really had a song that was “our song.” And, even though I enjoy singing along to the radio or loading my ipod up with music for runs, I’m not really into music. I’m a Top 40s girl all the way, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.


(though my dancing skills may be another story)

So when Derek attended a wedding in January and fell in love with the song that the couple did their first dance to, I was sold. He liked the song, I didn’t care what we danced to (as long as we got to dance), and it felt good to mark something off the list.

Then seven months went by and we started interviewing DJs. They all had the same obvious question – “what song would you like to have your first dance to?” Umm…. since I could not for the life of me ever remember, I would turn to Derek, who could never remember either. We both knew the artist, but for some reason the name of the song always escaped us. Both times Derek had to get his phone out and start playing songs by the artist until he got to the one that was right. Even today, I have no idea what the song is called.

After our last meeting with a potential DJ I had a mini freak out over the darn song. Why had we picked a song that neither of us could ever remember the name of? That wasn’t right. What if our kids ask us 20 years from now what our first song was and we can’t remember? This song was supposed to define us as a couple, but how could it define us if neither of us have an attachment to it? Why doesn’t Derek care more? Crap. We need another song.

That’s when crazy bridezilla Meghann kicked in and I began reviewing every song in my iTunes library. I was hoping to find something, anything ,that had any sort of special meaning to us as a couple. Instead of finding something romantic and slow, I found 80s songs that reminded me of the first night we danced together (all fast and upbeat), a Rascal Flatts album that reminded me of the time we drove to Wal-Mart at midnight to pick up a copy (nothing had the right romantic vibe), and the song Building Bridges from our first trip to NYC when we saw Brooks & Dunn perform at the Today Show (not exactly the right vibe of a song for our first dance).

I became super stressed over the whole situation and realized I was putting way too much pressure on something that was supposed to be low on the priority list. It was as if one thing had led to another and I began to believe nothing else mattered, but the first song. I had turned to a crazy person.

Luckily, I was able to step away before it was too late. I took a deep breath, talked it over with Derek, and came back to reality.


Turns out I was right in the beginning, the first song doesn’t matter. I had other things to worry about and the added stress of finding the “perfect song” isn’t one of them. No matter what we dance to, it will be romantic and perfect all on its own – that’s all that really matters.

What was the song you picked for your first dance? Did it have a special meaning behind it?

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