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Gearing Up for Healthy Living Summit 2012

by Meghann on August 15, 2012

Good Morning!!

eeekkkk….. my apologies in advance for all the Healthy Living Summit talk, but I can’t believe we fly out tomorrow!! I’m so full of adrenaline and happiness, that I might explode with excitement over it all.


Here’s a look back at the Healthy Living Summits of yester-years.

The first Healthy Living Summit (2009) in Boston.

Summit Group Photo.jpg

We were such babies then. The summit started as an idea to get a few blogging friends together for a weekend of fun and grew from there. I’ll never forget the night tickets went on sale and our PayPal server crashed. Luckily we’ve learned a lot since then.

2010 in Chicago


This was the year we grew bigger and better. We introduced various sessions, and welcomed on a few more sponsors for a greater event. I still have the photo booth photos from the cocktail party pinned to my cork board in the office.

2011 in Philadelphia


Last year’s event was the first where I took over a larger share of the planning abilities. It was exciting, but a lot of work. Thankfully I learned my lesson – when help is offered, accept it! I had my siblings and Derek with me in Philly and there’s no way I could have done it without them.


Now, here we are, 48 hours away from the kick-off events in Boston. Just like years’ past, I’ve learned a lot planning for this year’s summit. I’m so thankful for partnering with early on in the planning process. Without Heather or Julie (super organized ROCKSTARS!) there might not have been a 2012 summit. They came on board with a fresh pair of eyes and made changes that I know will only enhance the summit experience for bloggers in attendance.

Things I’m looking forward to this year:

Shaking my booty at Friday night’s cocktail party.


Traditionally the Friday night cocktail party has been a place to sip cocktails and casually mingle. Not this year – this year we’re there to dance. We have a rockin’ playlist, a dance floor, and enough booze to get us all groovin. Our sponsor, Rebootizer, will even be hosting a “Shake Your Rebooty” dance-off and, trust me, it is sooo on. Do I have any dance-off challengers?! ;)

Saturday’s Long Run


I won’t be going more than 6 or so miles this year, but I’m very excited to participate in the traditional HLS long run with other crazy runners. When the summit was in Chicago in 2010 I was in the middle of training for the Chicago Marathon and had 16 miles on my schedule, luckily I wasn’t alone. I ended up running all 16 miles with the HLS long run group and spent the whole time chatting and bonding with the group. Some of the runners I didn’t know before hand, but became and remain great friends with along the run.


Last year a crazy amount of us were up for the 4:30am(!!) meet-up time before Saturday’s sessions. I couldn’t believe how many people were up – just goes to show we are a crazy bunch.

CrossFit with Reebok

Super excited about CrossFit on Saturday! With my wedding date fast approaching, I’ve been debating joining a CrossFit gym to tone up before the big day (I’m even *this close* to talking Derek into it too). I think this workout will give a nice sneak peek on what to expect, since I’ve never actually been to a class before. I’m pumped!

The sessions!

We worked really hard this year to bring in some great speakers and topics. Last year I was too busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off to sit in on any, but I’m making it a point to pop in on a few this year. I’m even speaking on a panel (gulp!) I’ve only spoken at one conference before (Central Florida BlogCon) and it was a nerve wrecking nightmare. Luckily I have two awesome panel mates (Holly and Clare) who are seriously on top of their game. Come check us out at the “I am a Blogger in Your Neighborhood” panel. We’re discussing how to network and branch out in your local blogging community.

Seeing old friends and making new ones


Probably the #1 reason most people attend any blogging conference is to see the online friends that they only get to see every once in blue moon. I’ve had the honor of making some wonderful friends since I started this blog 4 years ago, and I can’t wait to re-connect with them in Boston. I also can’t wait to make new ones. If you’re a newbie at HLS – don’t be shy! Come say Hi! Also, I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of the “mini mingle” sessions we have going on through the weekend. These mini sessions are free and open to everyone. They’ll also be a little more intimate than the bigger official stuff, which is perfect for getting to know new and old bloggers.

I could probably go on and on about all the stuff I’m looking forward to, but I’ll keep it at that. I think I’m more pumped than ever to head to Boston. Will I see you there? :)

A good way to release all that extra energy? Running. I had an exceptionally speedy one this morning, holding an 8:30 min/mi pace for 4 miles. Whoa – I guess I really do have energy to spare.

My run was followed by a smoothie and vita top.


Smoothie mix:

  • frozen cherries
  • ice
  • black cherry Chobani
  • spinach
  • chia seeds
  • peanut butter
  • almond milk


Blueberry Bran VitaTop with Almond Butter


Time to pack!!

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