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Level 10

by Meghann on August 14, 2012

I think my stress level peaked at a 10 today.

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty with Healthy Living Summit, which means the final BEOs (banquet order forms) arrived in my inbox this morning. I took a deep breath before I opened that email and braced myself for the worst. Unfortunately, the worst was what I got (and then some). Poor Maddie about had a heart attack when she heard my scream. Something wasn’t right.

After going through the numbers with my hotel contact over the phone (cutting this and that along the way), we reached a happy medium that was still a far cry from the original numbers I had budgeted. I asked her to send a complete breakdown of pricing and brought out my old BEOs from last year to compare. It took about 30 minutes of staring at the numbers to realize there was an error – a $16,000 charge(!!) had mysteriously attached itself to the lunch total. The mystery charge was a computer glitch that was no one’s fault but the computer’s. I can’t tell you how much my body relaxed after the numbers fell back into normal range – I’m pretty sure I got 10 years of my life back on that one.

Let this be a little reminder that if your budgeted numbers don’t feel right – keep digging until you either find the error or the solution. It has to be there somewhere!

If that’s my peak of stress and anxiety for this summit, we’ll call it a successful event. One can hope, right? ;)

How has your day been? Any planning related blunders you want to share?

Today’s lunch


Breakfast tacos!


Not quite as delicious as the greasy breakfast tacos I enjoyed in Austin last March, but they work. :)

Inside two corn tortillas I had spinach, mushrooms, tomato, two eggs (one for each tortilla) and guacamole.


On the side I had the rest of the tomato


And an applesauce.


I love applesauce. I always save them for last so I can end my meal with a smile. :)

Back to the craziness!

(p.s. I <3 the craziness!!! Watching all the last minute details fall into place is the fun part!)

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