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Team Lolo

by Meghann on August 8, 2012

Can I just say how much I love Lolo Jones?

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I was a fan before, but I think I’m an even bigger fan after watching her interview on the Today Show.

I missed the finals for the 100-meter hurdles last night and only watched the race when I jumped on the treadmill and turned on the Today Show this morning. Lolo took 4th in the fastest 100-meter hurdles final in Olympic history. Only barely missing a medal by one-tenth of a second, still posting an incredible time and earning her place as the 4th fastest 100-meter hurdler in the world.

Four years ago in Beijing, Lolo missed the podium by famously clipping a hurdle and placing 8th in the race. London was marketed as her redemption run, and if you ask me, she earned that redemption. She didn’t earn a medal, but she ran a solid race and truly gave it all she had.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the potential impact social media may have on these Olympic games, and boy did I underestimate what that might be. I was thinking that it would be fun to follow the Olympian’s personal journeys (which it has been), but I guess I overlooked the negative impact as well.

After opening herself up so much on twitter (if you don’t follow @LoloJones, you should), the backlash began as soon as she came in fourth. I’m sorry, the backlash started before that with a few critics telling her she was all hype and no follow through. It erupted after last night when she failed to place.

Sometimes I think we’re so focused on winning and earning medals, that we forget just making it to the Olympics and having a chance to compete with the best in the world is an honor in itself. There was a great video I watched the other day on Facebook (I can’t find the link), going off on the NBC announcers for stating the “American girls” came up short in the Olympic Marathon. Ummm… hello? They finished in the Top 11 in the race. Both Kara and Shalane ran incredible races and obviously left everything they had on the road.

I like what Lolo had to say in the interview, we should be supporting our athletes in London, not criticizing them. They’ve all fought long and hard and earned every right to be there.

On another social media note, what’s with all the hoopla over Gabby Douglas’ hair? I find it fascinating that Gabby wins gold and tweets criticizing her hair were trending. To make it even worse, the big news topic the next day wasn’t that Gabby was the first black woman to ever take gold in the Olympic gymnastic all-around competition, but that her hair was trending on twitter during her performance. What the heck? Come on, people!

Alright, rant over.

Let’s have some food.


I did some intervals on the treadmill this morning, then moved to the free weights for some lifting. After the gym I made a bowl of greek yogurt with fresh peach, a handful of granola, and walnuts.


Have you seen anything interesting pop-up in social media land with the Olympics? Share below.

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