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What I Took Away From BlogHer ’12

by Meghann on August 6, 2012

There’s nothing like an old fashion blogging conference to remind a blogger why they love to blog.


I knew going into BlogHer ’12 that the weekend was going to be amazing. It was two full days of information overload in the ever-changing world of blogging. Not only with the sessions that I attended, but in the conversations I had with brands, fellow bloggers, and friends. There was a lot to take away on the business front of the blog, but also on the personal side. I think I’m still processing it all, and though I’m still trying to let it all sink in, there are a few points that stood out among the rest that I want to share.

1. Be Yourself


Don’t shield your personality by trying to fit it in a certain bubble, just be you. I think this weekend was a great reminder of that. I was surrounded by bloggers of all different niches and genres. Some with big personalities, and some with quiet ones. Some with millions of followers, and some with a couple hundred. Yet we all came together under this love of blogging. The best part was, we were all unique with our own story to tell. There are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there, but only one YOU. Don’t forget the real you is the one people want to read about.

2. Have Confidence


Everyone has a story to tell, it’s our job to have the confidence to tell it. Again, it’s one thing to be ourselves, but we have to have the confidence to stand behind it. Don’t let others walk over the story you have to tell. Stick to your guns, be proud of your niche, and prove to others you’re worth listening too. Stand your ground.

3. Take Risks


Trojan was at the BlogHer expo. Yes, Trojan. They were distributing their new line of vibrators and a couple of friends and I spent a few minutes talking to the representatives. We walked away with our complementary vibrators and started joking around on how one of us should host a giveaway. I smiled and laughed with the group, but, the more I thought about it, the more I thought why not? The vibrator giveaway or even a post, would be an interesting risk to take. I’ve taken risks before with posts (hello, naked run! ), and have always been proud of what comes out of them. Playing it safe will never get you anywhere, sometimes you have to take a chance and see where it takes you.

4. Network With Your Peers


Rachel wrote a great post after SXSW on how networking at the various parties was just as valuable of an experience as attending the actual sessions. I have to agree. Yes, the sessions were great at BlogHer – and I did learn a great deal – but I think I learned even more interacting with my blogging peers directly than watching a powerpoint. A group of us spent 4+ hours on Friday night sitting around a dinner table and talking our hearts about on all things blog related. It was fascinating to learn everyone’s way of doing things and picking up a few tips and tricks based off of that.

5. Remember Why You Blog


I started this blog back in 2008 as a way to document how I maintained a 30 pound weight loss while working 40 hours a week. Since then the blog has grown and evolved, just as I have. I think BlogHer was a good reminder as to why I love doing what I do, especially after speaking with so many bloggers. I love writing about running, I love sharing ways to prepare food that doesn’t require a lot of time, money, or crazy recipe, I love asking for advice and sharing my own, I love having an outlet to journal random thoughts that come my way, and I love the friendships that have developed through it all. I love blogging, that’s simply what it all comes down to.

As I said above, BlogHer is more than just staying up to date on the latest technical trends, it’s coming together with your fellow bloggers and reinforcing why we all love doing what we do.

Thank you, BlogHer ’12 for an incredible weekend. Hopefully I’ll see you in 2013 (Chicago, baby!).

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