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French Toast Teamwork

by Meghann on July 29, 2012

Good morning!

I hope your Sunday morning is treating you well. Derek and I broke out the griddle this morning and made french toast.


We have a system. I make the mix (eggs, milk, and vanilla extract <– the secret ingredient), he soaks the bread, he does the flipping, and I make the fruity topping.

Today’s fruity topping included a mix of peaches, syrup, and cinnamon (warmed up in the microwave).


I also added some peanut butter to mine. Yum. :)


Yesterday I bought a reusable K-cup from Target.


So far I’m digging the Keurig, but the high price of the branded k-cups and the waste they create means they’re not 100% practical for everyday use. Fair enough. The reusable k-cup wasn’t exactly cheap (I found it for $17 at Target), but you can use it over and over again, re-filling it with your pick of coffee grounds every time. There’s no additional waste, and it’s a pretty no-fail system to ensure a great cup of coffee every time. (err… almost every time. see below.)


There was no need to measure – the instructions simply told me to fill the reusable filter to the top of the mesh with my favorite coffee grounds.


You have to remove the black filter already in the Keurig.


And replace it with the gray one (with the grounds inside).


Then use the machine as you normally would.


The verdict? I’m not sure if it was because I was using my favorite extra dark roast Seattle’s Best Coffee grounds or if it was because the reusable filter allowed for more grounds, but my cup of coffee with the reusable K-cup was much better than the ones I’ve had from the regular K-cups. Not that there was anything wrong with the other cups, this one was just stronger and tasted more of what I’m used to. I really liked it.

The reusable K-cup was easy to use, but it did make a little bit of a mess and was a bit annoying to have to clean out and refill when needing to make two cups of coffee right in a row. I tried to move through the process of refilling the reusable cup quickly between mine and Derek’s cups, but didn’t do a great job of cleaning out the filter in the process. Derek’s cup ended up with a nice amount of grounds in it. Oops.

He ended up making another cup with the reusable K-cup a little bit later and didn’t have a problem. So it’s nots a guaranteed good cup of coffee every time (you have to look out for escaping grounds), but that’s really the only issue we had. :)

Have you ever tried the reusable K-cup? What are your thoughts?

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