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Our Latest Addition

by Meghann on July 27, 2012

Special Delivery!


Look what Mr. UPS (or Mr. FedEx?) left at our doorstep yesterday.


A BEAUTIFUL brand new Keurig! And just in the nick of time too. ;)

Truth: I make HORRIBLE coffee. It’s bad, really bad.

Ask Derek, he refuses to drink it. In his words, “you know something isn’t right when, no matter how much creamer you add, the coffee doesn’t get any lighter.” Fair enough. I’m not a fan of drinking the stuff I make either.

I’ve only been a regular coffee drinker for about a year now, and in that time my experience with making coffee has been limited. The few pots of coffee I have made, were done unsupervised and without instruction. I just did what I’ve seen everyone else do for years and hoped it work. It didn’t. It failed. And after several pots of trying (the majority of which went right down the drain), I’ve learned to accept it.

I had just about given up on making coffee at all, when the fine folks at Keurig contacted me. They had come across my frustrated coffee-related tweets, and thought they could help. They invited me onboard their ambassador program and offered to send a Keurig and monthly samples in exchange for blogging about my experiences with the machine. I just about kissed the computer screen with that email.

A Keurig was something Derek and I had already been researching for our wedding registry. His parents and brother have one and we always love using them when we visit. They’re so easy to use, that even I can get a decent cup of coffee out of one. Sign me up.

The Keurig Special Edition Brewing System arrived yesterday ready to go.


I think most people are already familiar with the way the traditional K-Cups work, so I’ll skip that little tutorial. Instead I wanted to focus on something new-to-me that came with the system: special brew-over-ice k-cups.


Yep, iced coffee right from the Keurig with no need to cool anything down. The K-cups are specially designed to brew hot over ice, no special equipment required.


I prepped the machine as I would for any other cup of coffee, only I removed the insert at the bottom and replaced it with a fresh cup of ice.


And pressed the big button.


There it goes!

IMG_8539.jpg IMG_8546.jpg IMG_8549.jpg

Really love how fast it makes the coffee – almost zero waiting around time.


The K-cup came presweetened with cream. I’m not a big fan of sweet coffee, so while the flavor wasn’t bad, I would prefer an iced coffee without sugar. However, Derek loved the sweetened flavor. He said he prefers the all-in-one K-cups because it makes it easy on him not having to add the extra stuff. He can basically just grab the drink and go.


It was nice to have instant iced coffee. These cups were specially designed to brew right over ice, which means they were somehow missing that watered-down taste. I’m almost curious to see how a regular K-cup would fair. Has anyone tried that before? Does it just water the coffee down?

I’m already researching other flavors I want to try. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to buy k-cups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond using the 20% off coupons. I’m also looking into the reusable k-cup options.

Do you have a Keurig? What are your favorite K-cup flavors?   

I’ve been slacking at the pool this week. I had to miss Tuesday’s team practice to take Derek to work and Wednesday night I had to work late. I was all set for this morning, but got word late last night that practice was canceled. Bummer.

It was canceled for a good reason, the rest of my teammates are competing in the Top Gun Triathlon tomorrow and need their rest. Understandable. However, I’m not competing, so I headed to the pool this morning anyways to make up for lost time.

Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 10.34.58 AM.png

Love that top right photo. Swimming while the sun rises always takes my breath away. :)

Since I had no coach, I had to make up my own workout. I basically took one of my favorite patterns and added my own twist to it.

Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 10.44.43 AM.png

I added the kick to give myself a little break between sets. It worked out well. :)

After my swim I had a bowl of overnight oats.


  • rolled oats
  • greek yogurt
  • milk
  • chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • walnuts
  • PB2
  • raspberries


It hit the spot. :)

Today is a BUSY day on the HLS front. Are we really only a few weeks away?!?! Eekkkk….. so much to do, so little time. Better get on it!

Have a great Friday!

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