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Get Your Good Going with Blue Diamond Almonds

by Meghann on July 26, 2012

Why, hello, Georgie. Long time no grill.


Derek is working from home today and decided to break the George Foreman out for his usual double sandwiches for lunch. His looked so good that I knew I needed to do the same – two pieces of whole wheat bread with cheese, hummus, cucumber, tomato, and spinach grilled to perfection.


I doubled the layers of veggies and cheese so it cook a little longer to press. The wait was worth it, nothing beats a hot veggie panini for lunch.


WIth a side of last night’s leftover rutabaga.


Get Your Good Going

I’ll admit there are times when sitting on the couch and doing nothing sounds like a great idea, but I’ll also admit I’m horrible at it. I tend to fidget, talk a lot, and randomly jump off the couch to do something – anything! – to get moving. Ask Derek – I’m helpless. See, the thing is, I live for adventures, I like to try new things, and spending time with family or friends always trumps staying inside. That’s what gets my good going.

Get Your Good GOing.jpeg

Get Your Good Going is the inspiration behind Blue Diamond Almond’s latest sweepstakes on Facebook. Check out their story:

We came together as a co-op. A co-op for good. Because when you start something good, it only gets better. Good is in every Blue Diamond Almond we grow. In every snack can and Breeze carton we sell. From Whole Natural to Smokehouse to Wasabi and Soy. From Original to Vanilla to Chocolate. It’s a catalyst. It’s contagious. It branches out into every aspect of our lives. Good is conquering a roller coaster, hanging ten with your nine-year old, hiking half-dome with your fiancée, singing your lungs out and whacking a piñata. Good is a wonderful feeling. A magical feeling. An inspirational feeling. And once it gets going, there’s no stopping what you can do. So grab a can or carton of good and Get Your Good Going.

I love this!

Want an instant mood booster? Think back to all the things that “Get Your Good Going.”

Smiling, yet?

That’s what I thought. :)

So, how do I get my good going? By getting outside!

Whether it’s biking adventures with friends….


Crossing the finish line of a marathon 3 minutes faster than my last one….


Re-living my youth at the local theme park….


Or just getting outside to watch a movie in the grass instead of on the couch…


I try to get my good going every day with a morning workout. Starting my day off right by getting out there and MOVING is what puts a smile on my face and makes every day just a little better.

What gets your good going?

Check out the Blue Diamond Almond Sweepstakes going on right now through Facebook. Upload a photo that best depicts each week’s theme for a chance to win that week’s prize pack and earn a Blue Diamond Almond coupon just for participating.

This week is “Rockin Out to the Music” week.

Here’s mine.


Callie and I rockin’ out before the Tangled 5k in February. We were rockin’ so hard the camera couldn’t even keep up!


Good times. Good times. :)

*This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. All opinions are my own.

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