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My Signature Lunch

by Meghann on July 19, 2012

I think “snack plates” are becoming my signature lunch. I receive a TwitPic every other week of a snack plate meal with the tagline “I’m having a @MealsAndMiles inspired meal for lunch today.” Whenever I get them I can’t help but smile because they always do look like meals I would seriously create on my own. Please, keep them coming!


Snack plate meals also make great packed lunches. I used to chop all the veggies, place them in mini-reusable containers, and pack my lunch in the evenings, then grab the lunch on my way out the door. If you prefer a crispier cucumber, just section off the cucumber during the prep, then actually slice it at your desk. I always kept a real fork, knife, and spoon at my desk just in case I needed either of them for things like cucumber slicing.


Today’s #SurviveOn35 total

  • 2 corn tortillas: $0.18 ($1.09 for package)
  • 1/4 cheese block: $0.62 ($2.50 for block)
  • 1/2 cucumber: $0.38 ($0.75 for whole cucumber)
  • cherry tomatoes: $0.30 ($1.50 for pint)
  • carrots: $0.12 ($1.89 for large bag of carrots)
  • hummus: $0.40 ($1.99 for container)   
  • Total: $2.00

I’m actually finding it really interesting to see how much each of my meals are totaling up to. I was never a calorie counter (trying to look up and guess calorie amounts was never fun for me – I always gave up a day into it), but doing the math for meal purchases (instead of calories – not that I’m saying the two are the same, I’m just talking about a math/having something to track sort of sense), and watching the dollar stretch for each meal is interesting. I’m gaining a whole new perspective on the cost of each item per serving, rather than an overall total.

I challenge each of you to add up your next meal and see how much it comes to per serving. Is it what you’re expecting? More? Less?

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