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Waking Up In Orlando

by Meghann on July 15, 2012

Friday night I fell asleep on the 9:45 red-eye out of Seattle… 5 hours later I woke up Saturday morning in Orlando.

They weren’t the best 5 hours of sleep I’ve ever had, but they certainly weren’t the worst either. I lucked out with an entire row to myself, which gave me enough room to curl up in a little ball and pass out. I also made the smartest move of my traveling career by changing into a comfy sweater, leggings, and Toms right before the flight. Not only was I incredibly comfortable, but the change of clothes kept me a little warmer on the FREEZING plane. Can’t even imagine how cold I would have been without them. I can also see why people pay $10 for a blanket and pillow on flights. If our crew would have offered them, I would have happily handed over my credit card with a smile. Next time I have a red-eye, I’m determined to find a way to sneak a pillow and blanket on the flight. ;)

As soon as we landed, I hopped in my car and headed across town to meet with a potential hair person for my wedding. I arrived early and ran into Publix for a parfait. I was hoping to find a cute little cafe to eat at, but there really wasn’t much around – Publix had to do.


We met at Barnie’s at 8, and I had my first large coffee of the day.


The meeting went great. It was with the same girl who did our hair for my sister’s wedding, so it wasn’t too hard of a sell. I’ve already seen her work, she’s done my hair before (and I loved the results!), and she was able to cut me a good deal – I signed the contract of the spot! I’ll fill in more details on the wedding page sometime in the coming week, but I will say it feels good to have one more thing crossed off the list!


After the coffee date, I headed back across town to help some friends move. I’m not saying I was much help with less than 5 hours of broken sleep, but I wanted to at least drop in and say hi. It was the first time seeing my friend in all her pregnant glory (she’s just over 6 months now), so when the invite came in on Facebook, I couldn’t say no!

Unfortunately, I could only stay for an hour or so before I had to meet Derek and Maddie at my parents. I had some nuts on my way.


Back at my parents’ place, I finally had a chance to change out of my flying clothes (and shower!). A family friend was getting married and I wanted to look (and smell) my best.

We stopped for gas on the way to the wedding and I grabbed a veggie breakfast burrito from the Dunkin Donuts.


Unfortunately I didn’t realize how tiny the burrito was until we were back on the road. If I had known, I would have ordered two.


I also had my second coffee of the day. The lack of sleep was catching up to me and I took a nap on the way to church.

The wedding was gorgeous.


Carissa was a stunning bride. Everything from her dress, to her flowers, to her signature smile was perfect.

IMG_7496.jpg IMG_7497.jpg

It was an honor to see a couple who are so perfect for each other seal their love in matrimony.


Congrats, Carissa and Shawn!!!


We had a couple of hours to kill between the ceremony and the reception. Luckily we found a bar across the street from the reception to relax in.


A trio dip was ordered and split among the group.



Then it was reception time.


I LOVED their choice of venue. The History Center was so unique and fun. Loved it.


Feed your guests and educate them at the same time… What’s not to love?




The passed apps were hot and delicious. Loved the mini crab cakes.

IMG_7535.JPG IMG_7537.JPG




IMG_7553.jpg IMG_7554.jpg

Buffet dinner.


Candy bar!


(the candy went fast! these bars are always a huge hit.)


Dance time!


They had a killer DJ! Definitely made sure to grab his business card before the night was over.


IMG_7609.JPG IMG_7610.jpg

IMG_7611.jpg IMG_7613.jpg

Should I be worried that Derek held baby Jake more than I did?




IMG_7664.JPG IMG_7667.JPG


Cinnamon cupcake – AMAZING!


I’ve known Carissa for 15+ years. Growing up she was my best friend’s cousin, but over the years she’s become an extended member of the family. I love her to pieces and can say without a doubt that she has truly found her perfect match in Shawn. They are absolutely perfect for each other. I wish them nothing but many years of happiness in the future.


Congrats, again, Carissa and Shawn!

Man, that was a long day. I crashed as soon as we got home and enjoyed 9 hours of blissful sleep. I felt so much better after that. :)

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