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Cafe Flora

by Meghann on July 11, 2012

Hello, from beautiful Seattle, Washington!!!


It sure is green here! The weather isn’t bad either. A sunny 75 degrees with not a drop of humidity in sight. I know it’s not like this all year long, but man is it nice right now.


The rest of my second flight was a breeze. Did you know that when your laptop dies you can use the GoGo In-flight internet pass on your iPad? True story. I ended up catching up on a few games of Words with Friends in the last half hour of the flight.

When I landed, I had a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar as a snack.


And a few hours later (when it was dinner time on the east coast) I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam to hold me over until dinner time on the west coast.


Flying from east to west always throws off my eating schedule, but I’ve found throwing in an extra hearty snack usually does the trick.

For my one night stay in Seattle, I’m honored that Emily and her family have graciously offered to put me up.


Emily and I first met “officially” at Healthy Living Summit in 2010, but we have both been following each other’s blogs since 2008 and have remained e-friends through the years. She’s had an open invitation to come visit her since she moved to Seattle, and I was excited to finally have the opportunity to take her up on it.

I was also excited to spend some extra time getting to know this little guy.


Cullen is just as sweet and adorable in person as he is on Emily’s blog. He’s full of nothing, but smiles and big personality. He’s going to be a heartbreaker one day.


Emily and I spent the afternoon walking Cullen around the park and playing catch up.

Before I left Florida, Emily had asked what I really wanted to do in Seattle and I told her I had no idea. All I knew was that I wanted to hang out and I wanted to eat good food. Well we took care of hanging out at the park and indulged in some very, very good food at Cafe Flora for dinner.


Right when I walked in, I knew I was going to like this place. It smelled amazing and everything we passed on the way to our table looked delicious.


Cafe Flora is a vegetarian restaurant that believes in supporting the local Washington farms and dairies. Everything is fresh, seasonal, and local.


We started with crusty sourdough bread.


And shared two appetizers among the table.

Coconut Tofu with Chili Sauce


I’m now inspired to make my own coconut tofu at home. I think the secret is deep frying it – the tofu inside was very firm and chewy, while the outside was crisp and crunchy.

Yam Fries


They had a bit of a spice, which balanced out the sweetness perfectly.

For my main dish, I decided to order one of the seasonal specials, Yakima Valley Polenta.


I’m actually flying to Yakima tomorrow evening, so this dish was perfect for the occasion.


Everything about this was delicious. From the reduced cherries, to the caramelized onions, to the grainy, rich polenta – wow. I would order it again, and again, and again. ;)

Emily said she was already thinking about dessert on our way to the restaurant (a girl after my own heart), apparently this was place was famous for it! When dessert time rolled around we decided to share two.

The coconut cake with a mango puree.


Coconut and mango is a winning combination.

And a chocolate Theo brownie dish.


This was on the rich end, but still enjoyable. You only needed a couple of bites to satisfy your chocolate craving, then your golden.

It was an incredible evening of good evening, shared with a good friend I don’t get to see nearly enough. Thanks, for taking me out, Emily!


P.S. can you believe it was 9:30 when that photo was taken? It stays light out here late.

Who’s been up for 22 hours? This girl. Who’s ready for bed? This girl.

Good night!

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