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Endurance Swim Set

by Meghann on July 6, 2012

Happy Frrriiidddaaayyy!

You know what Fridays mean, right? Swim practice!

It was a fairly quiet morning at the pool today. The local youth swim team that usually practices the same time we do (and has a few dozen members!) was absent. The pool felt empty without them, which was actually pretty nice. We weren’t all crammed in two lanes and had enough room to stretch and move. I was a fan.

Felipe (our coach) placed Mary and I in the same lane and gave us an endurance workout to “keep us busy.”

endurance swim.png

The workout was pretty straight forward and easy to remember. No hidden twists, and no major breaks – just a straight swim that wore us both out. Apparently endurance is not our strong suit. We’ll need to work on that. Maybe some longer sets in the future? More 300s and less 50s (which sucks, because I love 50s!).

Practice ended promptly at 7:30 and I headed straight home for food.


Yes, more leftover Cherry Crumble. I have a ton and Derek isn’t a fan, so I’m going to have creative with this. Yesterday I had a serving over yogurt, today I had some over oatmeal.


The cherries were great over the oatmeal. They sort of melted into the oats and the cherry flavor was evident in every delicious bite. I also added a spoonful of almond butter to give the bowl some lasting power. The almond butter didn’t compete with the cherries (as I was afraid peanut butter would), instead it complemented it and let the cherries do their thing. Yum.

Time to get to work.

What did you think about the mid-week holiday? Did it completely mess your week up or do you think we should make the mid-week day off a permanent thing?

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