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A burger for a talking bear

by Meghann on July 5, 2012

There is NOTHING sexier than watching your fiance try on rings for the first time. Nothing.


I only wish I actually got a photo of him with one on, but he was too quick for me!


Le sigh. No biggie. Only 6 months to go until there’s one on there permanently, then I can see it whenever I want. ;)

Wedding band shopping actually wasn’t as fun as I was hoping. There’s so much to consider when picking out bands, that both Derek and I left with our heads spinning due to information overload. I’ll go more in depth on the wedding page tomorrow, but – *spoiler alert* – I’ll admit here that neither of us came home with a ring. However, we do both have a better understanding of what we want and that’s a start (especially since we both had no clue when we started!).

Ring shopping made us hungry. Derek and I split a Kashi Bar between two of the stores.


We hit 3-4 jewelry stores before all the rings started to look the same and our hunger took over. We were on our way out of the mall when the movie theater caught Derek’s attention and a lightbulb went off over his head reminding him how much he wanted to see the movie Ted.

Now I like a good talking stuffed animal as much as the next girl, but Ted hasn’t exactly been on my “must see” list this summer. Eh. Derek knew this and bribed me with dinner out – my choice – if we saw the movie. He knows the way to my heart – especially when I’m borderline hangry – food!

I agreed and he treated me to dinner at Burger 21 (I was really craving a burger after accidentally missing out on them last night).


I love Burger 21. They have great burgers that are creative, flavorful, and fun.


I was craving a veggie burger and decided to go with “The Greek” for dinner.


Loved all the toppings. The pickled cucumbers were the best part – very fresh with just the faintest pickle to them so they were still nice and crisp. Yum.


We also split a large order of sweet potato fries, but next time I would go with a full basket – the large was not enough for our joint fry appetites.


The movie, Ted, was just what I was expecting – a lot of vulgar humor that was funny on occasion, but not enough to pull me in. Derek loved it. Eh. To each their own.

Have you seen Ted? Thoughts?

Early swim practice in the morning.

Good NIght!

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