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Old Man

by Meghann on June 21, 2012

Gotta give it to the old man, he still hasn’t lost that puppy smile.


A couple of you have inquired about Scooby’s health, and I’m happy to say he’s doing good. His hips may be slowly giving out on him, but he isn’t letting that slow him down. He’ll still casually lay a ball at your feet expecting a game of fetch, he’ll still climb on the couch to reach his favorite spot (though he may need extra help now), and he’ll still beg for his favorite treats and table scraps (his appetite is definitely still there). He’s still the Scooby we love, bad hips and all. :)

Once upon a time Scooby used to run a couple of miles with me on my morning runs, now he just sits on his favorite spot in the front lawn and watches me take off. (Maddie watches from the living room, there’s no way she would have let me leave the front yard without her)

I ran 5 hot-and-sweaty miles around my parents’ small hometown. The sun was out and the rain was long gone, but the mosquito aftermath from yesterday’s storms was in full affect. Mosquitos. Everywhere. I should have sprayed myself with a little bug spray before I left – lesson learned for next time. Hopefully these bug bites will fade before the wedding on Saturday! eek!

Dad started on breakfast almost as soon as I walked in the door (I could get used to this ;)).


He made the eggs-in-a-basket (a new-to-him creation that he was quite proud of) and sausage and I added the cantaloupe on the side. :)


The next time anyone tells me I really need to get rid of my old homecoming or prom dresses, I’m going to think of this.


My mom is a bigger pack rat than I am. Her closet is full of over 40 years worth of favorite dresses, outfits, and things that still have tags on them. One of my favorite past times is going through my mom’s overflowing closet and pulling out hidden treasures from her youth. This morning we were in there looking for one thing or another and she pulled out a dress I had never seen before. It was her 8th grade “Miss Mountain Gap” dress she had wore for a beauty pageant in 1978. It was stunning, full of lace and very vintage – I immediately had to put it on. I love playing dress-up in my mom’s clothes and even wore a few of her prom dresses for halloweens years ago.

Hidden in her closet you’ll also find some dresses I wore when I was kid, as well as all my old prom and homecoming dresses that I refuse to get rid of. I’m hoping that one day my kids will have the same nostalgic pull towards my old dresses and will want to play dress up too (even when they’re 27 ;) ). Call me a pack rat, tell me to “simplify” my closet, what-ever. It’s worth it to look back 30 years from now and reminisce with my daughter on that one time I competed in a beauty pageant with my twin sister and my twin sister was runner up (or at least that’s the story my mom told me ;) ).

Are you pack rat when it comes to clothes? Did you ever play dress-up with your mom’s old clothes?


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