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No Excuses

by Meghann on June 12, 2012

Good Morning!

Good news this morning – I didn’t miss my early alarm. My coach was at run group last night and stood over my shoulder as he watched me properly set my alarm for this morning’s workout. He even made sure I went ahead and set the alarm for Friday as well. No excuses, right?

The alarm went off at 5:35am on the dot, and I made it to the pool this morning with a few minutes to spare. Woo hoo!

Our team wasn’t the only one at the pool this morning. There was a high school swim club who were all pulling up (or in most cases being dropped off by their parents) at 6:30. I was in awe of the dedication of these kids for being at the pool so early in their first week of summer vacation. If you would have asked my 14 or 15 year old self to do the same thing, I would laughed and then rolled over and proceeded to sleep in until noon. It wasn’t until I hit my early 20s that it hit me that some people actually get up early to get their workouts in. Who would do something crazy like that? Pshhh…

Not only were these kids dedicated, but they were fast! Jess and I kept catching ourselves staring and admiring their skills. Made me wish I had taken swim lessons or joined a swim team as a kid. Those skills would come in handy right about now!

I’m not sure our team’s morning practice was as intense as the younger swim team’s practice, but it still pushed my limits in that short and sweet fashion.

swim workout.png

(note this was the coach’s tailored down version of the workout based on my current skill set. the faster swimmers were doing 2 x 300 @ 5:00 and 2 x 200 @ 3:15)

Short and sweet works for me. :)

No drills or paddles this morning, just an emphasis on speed and pushing ourselves. The 4 x 50 @ 1:00 (meaning we had 1 minute to do the 50 in, if we made it to the other side in 50 seconds, then we had 10 seconds to rest), was tough for me. I’m used to doing 50 intervals at 1:10 for an average of 20 seconds of rest. Strip away those extra 10 seconds and I only had 10 second of rest (or half the time I’m used to). Boy did I miss those extra 10 seconds. Instead of getting faster with the intervals as I usually do, I got slower and frew more tired. In swimming, an extra 10 seconds of rest makes a huge difference!


We ended the workout about 10 minutes early and I headed home to shower and have breakfast.


In the bowl:

  • 3/4 cup Cinnamon Kashi H2H
  • plain Chobani
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • walnuts


Did you read?! CaitlinHTP went into labor this morning!!!! Ahhh!!! so exciting!! :) Any guesses on boy or girl? I’m leaning towards girl for no particular reason. I actually admire Caitlin and her husband for going the whole pregnancy without finding out, I’m horrible with surprises and would have thought waiting for the normal 16-18 week anatomy scan would have been too long to find out. Good for them for having patience! Something I clearly lack. ;)

Don’t forget! Tickets for Healthy Living Summit 2012 go on sale TONIGHT at 8:00pm!!!!!!!

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