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Mallow Crunchies Giveaway

by Meghann on June 12, 2012

(a typical lunchtime conversation with me, myself, and I)

mmm… pizza… Pizza sounds good for lunch. I have that frozen Kashi pizza in the freezer. Yes, I’ll have that. Oh, wait. No Kashi pizza. Derek must have ate it over the weekend. Darn it. Alright, need another plan. Pitas? I have pitas. Pita pizzas? Wait, I don’t have any marinara sauce. No worries. I have hummus. Hummus works too. And tomatoes. And olives. And…. eggs? Yep. Haven’t done that in a while. Problem solved.

Bam. Lunch.


Who needs Kashi frozen pizzas? Pshh.. I have pitas!! ;)

Whole wheat pitas make excellent impromptu pizza crusts, as does hummus in place of marinara sauce. I slathered a pita with hummus then topped it with fresh tomato and olives. I cracked an egg on top for good measure and placed it in the oven at 415 for 12 minutes. The end result was a perfect crispy crust was crispy and a yolk that was still runny and flavorful. Pizza perfection.


A side of oven roasted broccoli completed my plate.



The Mallow Bar Mallow Crunchies Giveaway

Let’s rewind back to last night’s dessert for a minute.


A few of you recognized the Mallow Crunchies from The Mallow Bar in Baltimore. They’re apparently famous up there in the local Farmer’s Market circuit, but did you know you can order them online and have them shipped all over the country? True story.

The company sent me a few of their unique crispy rice cereal treats to taste test for the blog. And unique is right, I’ve had crispy rice cereal treats covered in icing at Disney World before, but ones with different flavors like toffee nut or trail mix? That’s new! What a fabulous new twist on the classic treats that we all grew up on.


Derek and I shared the “crunch” ( with M&Ms and popcorn mixed in!) and the “toffee nut” Mallow Crunchies for dessert last night.


You know me, I enjoy strange things when it comes to food. Proof – it was the popcorn in the “crunch” Mallow Crunchie that turned me on to it first. Popcorn in a crispy rice cereal treat? Yes, please!

IMG_5002.JPG IMG_5013.JPG

However, the popcorn didn’t impress me as much as I thought it would (and Derek just wasn’t a fan of the added ingredient at all). I think it was a texture thing, something about the center kernel of the popcorn didn’t mush well with the dense and squishy marshmallow treat. Do you know what did work, though? The M&Ms in there. Talk about a home run! Of course, would you expect any different when adding chocolate to anything? ;)

Next on our list to try was the Toffee Nut.

IMG_5003.JPG IMG_5010.JPG

This was each of our favorites! It was really rich and filling (too rich for me to eat my entire half), but man it was good! I loved how the bits of toffee pieces turned the Mallow Bar into a straight up candy bar. Amazing. These really put anything I made as a kid to shame. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Some other Mallow Bar fun facts:

  • The owner’s son, Nigel, is the face of the Crunchies
  • The marshmallow she uses is made from scratch
  • They opened the first ever crispy cafe in the nation in Baltimore
  • They ship product to anywhere in the US

Taste testing the two last night had my wheels spinning on how great of an addition the Mallow Crunchies would be to my wedding’s dessert bar this coming January. When’s the last time you had a crispy rice cereal treat? Something tells me they would be a huge hit! ;)

And now I have a treat for you guys!

I have a Mallow Crunchies variety pack to give away to one lucky Meals and Miles reader.


The Mallow Crunchies variety pack includes:

  • Original
  • Trail
  • Crunch
  • Caramallow
  • Toffee nut

(I told you the flavors were fun!)

To enter just leave a comment creating your own Mallow Crunchies creation. If you were to create a custom crispy rice cereal treat, what would you add?

I would probably go the toffee nut route, but add chocolate. Lots of chocolate. ;)

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. You have until tomorrow at noon to enter, and I will pick a winner for my lunch time post.


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