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Healthy Living Summit 2012 Registration is Open!

by Meghann on June 12, 2012

Registration for Healthy Living Summit 2012 is now open!!!!

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 9.58.05 PM.png

Woo hoo!!!

Get your tickets now at :)

And now my brain is fried. Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on today. I really do believe this is going to be the best summit yet!

I needed to step away from the computer before registration opened, so I took an hour break and made a real meal for dinner tonight.


I took my favorite meatloaf recipe and turned it into meatballs. I know the recipe like the back of my hand, so the whole process was very soothing. It was also fun to turn the meatloaf into meatballs, it was really for time more than anything (meatballs cook faster), but I think they taste better that way too. ;)


For my greens, I quartered some brussels sprouts and pan fried them with some red onion, garlic, thyme, and oregano.


The whole meal took about 30 minutes to prep, which gave me 30 minutes to relax before my “break” was over. ;)


The opening of registration went smoothly. There were a few hiccups (like when last year’s registration information was accidentally released on the registration page), but otherwise all was good! Woo hoo!

A celebratory ice cream cone was in order. :)


And then I got sucked into email and gchat craziness!

Like I said, my brain is fried. :-p

And I still have to pack for NYC.

I leave tomorrow.

At 7:00am.

No biggie.

But if you see me in the airport tomorrow and my shoes don’t match, I hope you’ll understand.

Good Night!

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