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Wedding: My dress is here!

by Meghann on June 11, 2012

I received a fun little announcement in my inbox last week. ;)

Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 10.42.07 AM.png

(p.s. I like how the email said that this was “just a friendly reminder” when it was really my first and only notification that my dress had arrived. Considering David’s Bridal spams you up the minute you hand over your email address, I’m just lucky I didn’t delete this one as I had deleted the approximate 125 other emails I’d received from them in the last two or three months since I originally ordered my dress. What do you know – they’re not all spam after all.)

I knew my dress was supposed to arrive in June, but it still seemed a bit fast when I received the email that my dress was HERE. June? Already? Craziness.

There was that initial wave of excitement (my dress is here! my dress is here!) and then the stress of making sure I picked my dress up in the 14 day window. My schedule can be a bit crazy and I don’t exactly drive by David’s Bridal on a regular basis. I finally found a date that worked where I could pick it up before swim practice and stash it at my friend Courtney’s house during practice so it wouldn’t just sit in my 100+ degree car for two hours.

Since I was going in at an off time (5:00pm on a Wednesday), the store wasn’t crowded. I was able to head right to the cashier and inform the girl that I was here to pick up my dress. All she needed was my name and my ID and I was good to go.

When she brought it back from the back, she immediately asked if I wanted to try it on. Umm… heck yeah! They gave me a room, brought me one of their “suck it in and push ‘em up” bras and, even though I had already purchased the dress, were really great in assisting me in getting the dress on and off.

I’m not going to lie, as soon as I put the dress on I didn’t get that “wow” feeling I got the first time. Because of my measurements I had to order the dress a size up. It did fit great in some areas, but not so great in others. I didn’t have the “magic clips” to tighten everything the way it should be and the dress sorta hung lifelessly where it should have been hugging smoothly. The girl did bring the clips out to tighten the dress up where it needed to be tightened, but that urge of panic I told myself I wasn’t allowed to feel because I knew this was going to happen began to set in.

When I ordered the dress I knew it wasn’t going to fit perfectly the first time I tried it on. It’s going to require a few alterations to hug it to my body where it needs to hug and those alterations are going to have to wait until a couple of months before the wedding to make them reality. Until then I’ll just have to use my imagination and cross my fingers everything will work out when the time comes!

Another note about David’s Bridal. when they brought the dress out originally it was in a clear plastic bag. I live with my fiance, so obviously that was not going to work. I ended up buying one of their cheap branded garment bags for $10 just out of necessity, which wasn’t that bad of a deal, but just a heads up for anyone else when they pick their dress up from there. If I had known I probably could have brought another garment bag from home or something and saved the $10. (Hey, in wedding planning every dollar counts!)

Now the dress is at home and awkwardly hanging from my closet door since it doesn’t fit in the actual closet.


I brought the dress home on Wednesday and Derek worked from home Thursday and Friday. He works in our office (which is where my closet is) and spent 8 hours both days joking how he was going to take a peek when I wasn’t looking. Not funny. Obviously this is a very temporary solution.

Since we live in a small place with closets that have reached their capacities on junk we can squeeze in them, there is no way this dress is staying here. I plan to drop it off at my parents’s house when I head to my sister’s wedding next week. With all the kids out of the house, there are four open bedrooms with four empty closets that my dress could potentially have oodles of room to hang around in. Heck, my dress could even have it’s own bedroom there if it wanted. ;) And since I’m getting married in Titusville anyways, it only makes sense to have my dress hang out there. Problem solved. :)

Where did you store your dress before your wedding?

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