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Team Bride

by Meghann on June 10, 2012

Last night we celebrated my sister’s last two weeks before she becomes a “Mrs.” with good food, great friends, heavy drinks, and penis straws (What? It’s not a bachelorette party without penis straws! ;) ). Good times. Good times.


Our party started at BJ’s Brewhouse near the Mall of MIllenia. When planning the bachelorette festivities, we knew we wanted to start at a restaurant that was close to our final destination (Universal CityWalk), was decently priced, had a fun vibe, and was Kelly friendly (she’s a vegetarian). BJ’s seemed to fit the bill on all accounts.


We started with drinks. I ordered the skinny-rita and would highly recommend it – YUM!


Fried artichokes (another yum!)



IMG_4778.JPG IMG_4779.JPG IMG_4780.JPG IMG_4781.JPG

I had ordered the custom sash MONTHS ago from a random bachelorette site and Ashley and Amber designed and ordered the custom tank tops from a local custom shirt shop in Orlando.


Kelly’s had “Bride” with “The Future Mrs. Moore” across the front, and the rest had “Team Bride” across the front and our names with Kelly’s wedding date in the ring on the bottom corner.

Team Bride.jpg

It was fun having our names on the shirts, I was able to point to it whenever anyone asked what my name was throughout the night. :)

I wasn’t in the mood for anything terribly heavy for dinner, so I ordered the Chicken A La Fresca, which was chicken breast served over a rice pilaf with vegetables and arugula. It was my first time ordering anything besides pizza from BJs and I was surprisingly impressed. The whole meal was very flavorful and very well done. It was just enough to fill me up, but not weigh me down for the rest of the evening’s activities.



After dinner we headed to our hotel room for games, presents, and drinks before heading to CityWalk.


We were not short on snacks. These all came in particularly handy at 2:00am. ;)

IMG_4800.JPG IMG_4801.JPG IMG_4802.JPG

And the “Drunken Gummy Bears” were a hit! They only soaked for 3 days (instead of the recommended 5), but still had that strong vodka bite everyone had warned me about. They were like little gummy bear shots of vodka.


The leftover vodka that the gummy bears had been soaking in was the real hidden treasure in this combo. It was so sweet and delicious that it could have easily been enjoyed straight up. I made a couple of cups of drunken bears, drunken bear vodka, and grapefruit juice. So, so good.


Gifting of some unmentionables ;)

IMG_4821.JPG IMG_4828.JPG


Then it was party time!!


I had asked Kelly months ago where she wanted to go for her bachelorette party and she picked CityWalk. It really was the easiest and safest bet for us. We stayed at a nearby hotel, cabbed it to the entrance, and didn’t have to worry about anyone not having a good time. Win. Win.




Here is what I learned from our outing:

  • Having a ring on your finger does not deter from free drinks. #winning
  • Cat 5 Margaritas are 10 times better than hurricanes.


  • Penis straws double as microphones when belting “Sweet Caroline” at the top of your lungs.
  • Being the Maid of Honor is awesome. Whenever we met random people, they would always ask who the Maid of Honor was. We even ran into another bachelor party where the Best Man requested a photo with the Maid of Honor.
  • My mom can party with the best of them.


  • Who says mothers of the brides can’t share in the fun? Multiple guys were asking if she was also a bridesmaid. They were SHOCKED when we told them she was the mom!
  • I have the BEST sister in the whole wide world and she is going to make a gorgeous bride and an amazing wife.


  • Bachelorette parties are more than just free drinks and penis straws, they’re also about bonding with a group of girls you love more than anything in the world. My sister has a great group of bridesmaids and I’m honored to call each of the my friend. I love these girls!


Let’s see…. we have the bridal shower and bachelorette party taken care of, now all we have left is the wedding!

13 days and counting!!!!

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