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Wedding: The Groomsmen

by Meghann on June 7, 2012

I just realized that I wrote a post about my bridesmaids, but I never said anything about Derek’s groomsmen! ๐Ÿ™‚

Selecting his groomsmen was a fairly easy wedding task for Derek. He basically had his list of guys picked before we even got engaged. Since his side of the bridal party is mainly made up of family, it wasn’t that hard. Really, his biggest issue was me pestering him to sit down and formally ask the guys to be his groomsmen. He didn’t feel the same rush I did to get those confirmations rolling and assumed everyone just knew they would be included. Note: never assume they know they’ll be in it!

His best man is, of course, his brother Tyler.


Even though Tyler lives a few states away now, Derek and Tyler still talk/text/facetime almost every single day. It’s actually sorta cute how close they are. Plus, Tyler is already taking his role as best man very seriously. We’re seven months out from the wedding and he already has a group text going with prospective dates and cruise options for the bachelor party. I think Tyler is more excited about the bachelor party than the wedding!

Following the theme of family, both of my brothers are also taking on the roles of groomsmen.


Derek and my little brother Ben have become crazy close in the few years that Derek and I have dated. So close that Ben asked Derek to be a groomsmen in his wedding before he even proposed to his now wife. I’ve dated guys in the past that didn’t quite bond with my brothers, and it always felt strange and awkward to visit with them. I like that Derek and Ben have this great friendship that’s totally separate from me. It’s almost like they already consider each other brothers.


Derek and my twin brother Josh have bonded as well over the last few years. Unfortunately we’re still not 100% sure that Josh will be at the wedding (*sniff *sniff). As a resident, his schedule is never 100% until it’s posted, and right now nothing is final for 2013. Our fingers, toes, ears, and eyes are crossed hoping he’ll get the days off to fly from LA for the ceremony.


Last, but not least, Derek’s childhood friend Steven rounds out his set of four groomsmen.


Derek and Steven have been friends since the 4th grade. Almost every story from Derek’s childhood begins with “This one time Steven and I…” Derek was a groomsmen in his wedding last March and he couldn’t see having his wedding without Steven playing a part

So, there you have it – Derek’s four groomsmen and the story behind selecting each one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

How did your guy select his groomsmen?

1 MrsSwan June 7, 2012 at 2:08 pm

We only had one. Hubby’s best friend that he has known since before Kinder- they were in daycare together at age 5. LOL They did have a middle school span that they were at different schools but HS totally cemented their friendship.
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2 Niki@justrunninwithit June 7, 2012 at 2:29 pm

Cruise for a bachelor party!? How fun! What are you hoping to do for yours? I think I’d like go to New Orleans or Miami for mine!
Niki@justrunninwithit recently posted..Running Thoughts

3 Meghann June 7, 2012 at 2:34 pm

I would love to go to the Keys, but still not sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 Lindsey June 7, 2012 at 2:34 pm

It was all mainly his friends from growing up and high school and one college friend. But he could not choose a best man… so he decided to have a “best man competition” which was kind of like Amazing Race. All the guys had tons of fun doing it and the winner was the best man!
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5 Katie @ Peace Love and Oats June 7, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Not married, but my brother got married a year ago (their anniversary is Monday!) and he chose our little brother as best man (which was too cute because he was 19), and then two of his best friends from school, one that grew up down the street from us!
Katie @ Peace Love and Oats recently posted..Thursday Thoughts

6 Christine @ BookishlyB June 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm

My husband went with friends; we decided to not choose each other’s siblings… (I didn’t ask his sister so I said he couldn’t ask my brother).
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