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Humpty Dumpty

by Meghann on June 5, 2012

Uh. Oh.

Looks like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. :(


After two years of semi-faithful service, my HTC Evo decided it had enough of my constant email checking, tweeting, and instagramming and leapt to its death this morning from the kitchen table. Considering the hell I’ve put this phone through since 2010 (that phone has been dropped more times than I can count), its a little bittersweet that that was the fall that did it in. It wasn’t even anything, just a simple smack down at just the right angle and – Bam! – smashed.

Truthfully I’m not that beaten up over it. The phone is close to two years old now (which is 100 in phone years… right?) and has seen better days. There was little to no internal memory left, the built-in camera was dated, and the battery life (even with the extended battery) was non-existent. It was time to go.

At least it still works… for now.


I wonder how long it could last like that? I think Derek’s brother went 6 months with a shattered screen. Can anyone beat that? ;)

I for one do not plan on going longer than a couple of days with mine. I see the smashed screen as a sign to get a new phone and that’s what I intend to do – I’ve already started researching options! Right now I’m leaning towards the updated version of my phone – the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

I’ll admit the original EVO 4G (the one I currently have) had a few quirks that were a turnoff, but besides the small internal memory and battery life, I truly loved the phone. I enjoyed the droid operating system, I liked the big screen (the iphone screen feels so small and inadequate), I liked how easily it synced with gmail, I LOVED the turn-by-tun voice navigating system (my favorite feature), and I liked the alerts. I’ve read a few reviews (ok, 34 reviews) on the EVO 4G LTE and it seems like the poor battery life and memory were two major improvements that people are praising in the latest release. If that’s true, then I’m sold!

I’ll probably find a Best Buy or a Sprint store to play with my other options sometime this week. I haven’t shopped for a new phone in close to 2 years, I can’t wait to explore my options!

Any suggestions for a phone on the Sprint network with a large screen, good battery life, and the Droid operating system?!

I intend to do a full grocery store run this afternoon, but in the mean time, Derek and I made the wise decision last night to stop at Publix on the way home from the Yelp event to pick up a few breakfast supplies (berries + yogurt) and lunch supplies for the day


In the 5 minutes I had in the store, I quickly grabbed some whole wheat pitas, lemon hummus, and tomatoes. I paired those three items with the spinach and cheese we already had in the fridge and made a killer pita sandwich for lunch.


We already had some carrots in the fridge as well, which made a great side dish with the hummus.


I’m pretty sure I could survive off of carrots, hummus, and pita if given the opportunity. They are always my go-to grab for quick week day meals. :)

I updated the wedding page!! Can you believe we’re already 7 months away from the big day?! Check out what we’ve tackled on our to-do list and what still needs to get done!

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