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Summer Dip

by Meghann on May 31, 2012

I updated the Wedding Page! Head over now to check out our plans for the wedding cake. :)

There was no cake around here today (though, that would have been sweet), but there was my new favorite avocado + lemon hummus dip.


I’m sad that I had to use up the last bit of the lemon hummus (I will be buying more), but the truth was there wasn’t that much left. Not only did the added 1/2 an avocado add great flavor to the hummus, but it added some bulk and stretched the last bit to a decent portion.


The avocado/ hummus was the focal point of my snack plate for lunch. Surrounding the hummus I had fresh carrot sticks, green beans, millet pita chips, almonds, cucumber, and jalapeno cheese.


Summer lunch for the win. :)


Have you guys seen the latest issue of People?

Jessica Simpson People Cover.jpg

A friend of mine posted a link to a Yahoo article discussing the upcoming People article about Jessica Simpson (anyone else find it a little amusing that a news source is doing an article on an article in another news source?). The article is essentially a baby announcement piece with Jessica Simpson introducing baby Maxi to the world (and I’m sure People paid a pretty penny for those first photos).

What I found interesting about the article (and most articles that include celeb baby announcements) is how a good chunk of it discussed her plans to lose the baby weight. Granted, I know she’s a celebrity and her body is a big part of her career, but didn’t she just give birth? Give the woman some time to recover first.

Even better, the Yahoo article was titled “New Mom Jessica Simpson: ‘Oh My God, What Happened to My Body?’” Le sigh. She had a 9+lb baby and that’s what you want to focus on? I think if someone asked about my plans for my body a week after birth, I might throw something at them. Hard.

She’s a celebrity, but she’s also a new mom and I’m sure finding a balance between the two is a top priority.

So, please, People Magazine (America) lay off of Jessica Simpson (and all new moms!) about their post-baby bodies. Being a new mom is hard enough on its own. They’ll “bounce back to shape” when they’re ready, whether it be two weeks, ten months, or the simple fact that their bodies will never be the same.

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