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What do you buy a one year old?

by Meghann on May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

(Edited to add: I removed the someEcard. I’m sorry if the card came off as offensive, it was not my intention. Memorial Day is a day to honor those who serve our country and protect our freedom. I saw the card pop up in my email and thought it would be cute and ironically funny. I was wrong.)

I hope everyone is enjoying the extra day added to the weekend. I have some work to catch up on so I’m compromising for the day – my head is in my laptop for the first part of the day and the second half will be spent sitting by the pool with friends. I think that sounds fair, right?

I slept in a little bit before taking off on a 6 mile run. The air was thick, hot, and borderline unbearable. Ughhh… not looking forward to training in the summer heat AT ALL. I need to start carrying a water bottle on 6+ mile runs, it’s just too hot not to.

When I ended the run on my MOTOACTV watch, it read “New Distance Record! Congrats!” New distance record? I’ve worn the watch pretty regularly since the Flying Pig Marathon, which meant I hadn’t run anything more than 5 miles in the 3 weeks since. I’m not going to lie, I have really been enjoying the shorter runs and am ok with that. If 6 miles is my new “long run” distance for the summer, that is perfectly fine with me. ;)

I was craving a nice COLD breakfast after my run. Enter my parfait.


  • Kashi Go Lean Crisp
  • Walnuts
  • Vanilla Chobani
  • Strawberries
  • Peach


My favorite summer breakfast. :)

On top of laying by the pool with friends, Derek and I also have a very important task to do today – buy our niece a present! Can you believe Marley is turning 1 next Sunday?!?!? (I swear I was at the hospital watching her being weighed and measured for the first time yesterday!) They grow up way too fast! Way, way too fast!

Derek’s brother and his family moved to Baltimore back in April, so we’re flying up Friday afternoon for the birthday festivities. Our goal is to spoil her rotten while we’re up there (isn’t that the best part of playing the aunt and uncle role?!) and shower her with gifts.

We’re heading out this afternoon for our first round of shopping, but the truth is – we have no idea what to get a one year old. We want something that has some meaning behind it and remind her how much her uncle and aunt love her even though we’re a few states south of her.

Any ideas?!


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