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Basil Killer

by Meghann on May 23, 2012

Does anyone know anything about Basil plants?


My aunt gave me one last time I was home. She grew it from a wee seed to a baby plant, then handed it over to me. Little did my aunt know that I have a black thumb and have been unintentionally killing it ever since. The once green and vibrant leaves are starting to dull and wither. :(

Right now we have it on the porch (out of the extreme direct sunlight since that + the heat seemed to be killing it) and are hoping for the best. :)

Last time I was home my dad told me he had stopped buying the steam-in-a-bag vegetables since him and my mom couldn’t finish a bag between the two of them. What?! I told him I found that strange since I can eat an entire bag by myself.


Just call me the veggie queen. :) Though it doesn’t look like much in the photo (who do photos always do that?!) a full bag of an asian influenced vegetable medley mix (with my own addition of soy sauce) made up half of my lunch today. Yum.   


The other half consisted of the last of Monday night’s Publix sushi.


I thought the soy sauce on the vegetables was a nice touch. It brought in the asian flavors from the sushi into the mix and gave the vegetables a little somethin’ extra without weighing them down. It was a great, easy lunch. :)

For all the Fifty Shades fans out there… I thought you would enjoy this ;)   

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