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Sun-dried tomatoes. Spinach. Onions. Olives. Pesto. Goat cheese.

by Meghann on May 21, 2012

Friday night the ingredients made a killer pizza.


Saturday afternoon they made a filling omelet.


And today they made a tasty quesadilla.


It’s only a shame the quesadilla used the last of it. I’ve grown a little obsessed with this combination (obviously) and could easily discover a dozen or so other ways to consume them. Deeee-licious. ;)


With fresh carrot sticks on the side.


Lunch is served.


Reading List

I finished “50 Shades Darker” this morning. And – just as I said on Saturday – it was so, so, so much better than the first one. The storyline was what pulled me in this time around (not so much just the *cough* “good stuff”) and I found myself getting all giggle-y with the ending. The third book has already been downloaded, ready to be read. Five bucks says I have it finished by Friday. ;)

And just to mix it up a little bit, I’m starting “The Art of Racing In The Rain” after I finish the 50 Shades trilogy.


The book is the first up for discussion in the book club a few friends and I recently started in the area. The story is told through the voice of the dog and is about the love the dog shares for his owner, as his yearning to be a man so he can help with his owner’s struggles. I can’t wait. :)

After I finish “The Art of Racing,” I downloaded “Running of the Bride: My Frenzied Quest to Tie the Knot, Tear Up the Dance Floor, and Figure Out Why My 15 Minutes of Fame Included Commercial Breaks” <– longest book title, ever.

running of the bride.jpg

This one is just for fun. ;) I like reading about other bride’s crazy experiences in planning their weddings, it reminds me that I’m not alone. :)

What’s on your reading list?

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