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Racing All 50 States

by Meghann on May 18, 2012

My (very) long term goal is to one day run a marathon in all 50 states (plus DC). Even if this goal takes me 50 years – I WILL do it. Originally my plan was just to do a race in every state, but my ego got the best me and I decided to take the full marathon challenge. Go big or go home, right?

Well, I was on such a high after running Flying Pig (actually, I think I’m still coming down from that high), that I thought it would be fun to find a cute way to commemorate the process of hitting each state. My first idea was to purchase a large map of the U.S. (think of the maps that hang on the walls in elementary schools) and cutting the bibs into the shape of the state and piecing it together as a puzzle on the map as each race was completed. I still really like this idea, but it’s just not very practical. Problem number one – where would we hang said humongous map? Ummm…. over the couch? ;) Not sure that was going to work.

Then I had an idea of doing a smaller map and incorporating the medals somehow (especially since my medal hanger is officially out of control in the second bedroom). I still wasn’t 100% sure how this would work, but I started browsing Etsy for inspiration.

And I found this.

Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 10.41.54 AM.png

And I had an idea.

The custom map print was originally intended to mark family members across the U.S. I messaged the seller and asked if there was a way to have races instead. She loved the idea and said absolutely. I sent her my stats and she sent me the proof.

marathon states.jpeg

I loved it.

The seller ( HappyLandings) had the proof ready that afternoon and shipped it the next day. She was incredibly sweet and worked really fast, plus her work is good. I’d recommend her 10 times over.

When the print arrived I immediately framed it (frame from ikea) and hung it on the wall in the living room.


I love how the blue pops on our green walls.


(it pops more in person. the lighting in our place blows.)

Of course, Derek saw it and his first question was “what are you going to do when you run more races?” Good point. I don’t have an answer. Maybe wait a couple of races and then purchase another one? Write the times in with black ink until then? I didn’t say this was a thought out plan. Have I mentioned I’m an impulse shopper?

For $20, this custom print wasn’t exactly breaking the bank, but I know that if I purchase one every time I run a new race, it would add up and the map would potentially get crowded. Honestly? I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I still have at least another year until I plan to run another destination race, so until then I’ll just enjoy the map as is. :)

This map is also a filler until I figured something else out. Hmmm…. the thinking cap is on. ;)

Any ideas?!?

Lunch today was your basic sandwich with veggies and hummus.


Ok, so the sandwich wasn’t so basic. I know this combination is going to have some people rolling their eyes, but – once again – I promise that this flavor combination worked.


Turkey + ricotta cheese + spinach + cranberry/apple churney

New rule. Don’t knock it until you try it. Honestly, it’s not that weird of a combo to me. You know how many times I’ve ordered a turkey and cranberry sandwich with cream cheese at a restaurant? Tons! Ok. Maybe twice. But i know they’re out there. This is just my version of it with the ricotta substituting the cream cheese since it’s what I had in the fridge at the time. I don’t know what it is, but the jams and chutneys in my fridge just call my name more than the mustard or mayo. I definitely have a sweet tooth. It’s out of control.


And I’m not lying when I said that sandwich was good. I’d make it again. :)

Cucumbers and cherry tomatoes with hummus for dipping rounded out my plate.


‘Twas a good lunch. :)

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