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Wedding: These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

by Meghann on May 17, 2012

Still no leads on the bridesmaid dresses. But, to be honest, I haven’t really been looking. Nothing looks right and, frankly, it’s becoming more of a stressor than it should be.

Luckily there’s still time. I’m going to wait until after my sister wedding. Then, once the dust settles, I plan to steal her away for a weekend to dress-shop hop and see it anything looks right. Until then I plan to casually dress shop online, but I’m not going to let it eat away at me.

There may not have been any leads in the dress department, but there have been in the boots department. :)


Yes, I’ve kindly requested that all my bridesmaids wear cowgirl boots for the wedding. I think they’re fun and it gives me an excuse to wear a pair of my own for photos (I also have my eye out for some cute navy heels for the ceremony).

Source: via Kristine on Pinterest


I know the cowgirl boots are kinda “the thing” to do now (especially with rustic weddings) and a tad cliche/overdone, but I can’t get over how adorable they are. The more photos I see of the look, the more I love them, and the more I can’t wait to see my girls wearing them.

Source: via Stetson on Pinterest


I purchased my first pair of cowgirl boots my junior year of college (for $32.99 from Target) and literally wore them to the ground. They survived 5 glorious years of line dancing, denim skirts, and summer dresses before they literally fell apart of me. Hey, for $32.99 from Target – I’d say 5 years is a pretty good run for cowgirl boots.

When the time came, I immediately hopped on and bought another pair (for $29.99), a pair that I still wear today and a pair that found their way into our engagement photos.


When I first started telling people about my cowgirls boot idea, there was a little concern about budget, especially since I’m trying to keep it so cheap for the dress. Well, I knew from personal experience that cowgirl boots do not have to cost hundreds of dollars. I’d been eyeing Target for some deals (sadly the ones I purchased for $29.99 are no longer in stock) and found these after a tweet from one of my bridesmaids.

Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 1.24.46 PM.png

This is the best deal I’ve seen thus far for the price. Old Navy has some options, but the quality isn’t there. has also have a few boots pop up recently.

One of my bridesmaids also thought of the brilliant idea of checking out local consignment shops to see if any boots make their way there. I’ve also had a cousin step forward with an offer to loan her cowgirl boots to a bridesmaid if any needs them. I bet if I asked around I could find a few more friends/ family members who would be willing to do the same thing.

Source: via Dayva on Pinterest


Cowgirl boots will only be a big expense for the ladies if they choose it to be. My goal has always been to keep their costs minimal and I plan to keep that goal in tact. Even if I told the girls they needed silver or nude shoes, I’d bet some girls would still have to go out and purchase shoes (for at or around the same price as the boots). I’ve only been in one wedding (my little brother’s) and the bride requested silver shoes. Since none of us had them, she ordered silver shoes off DSW and we all reimbursed her. She made it easy. I preferred that.

What has you experience been with shoes as a bridesmaid? Or when choosing shoes for your own bridesmaids?


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