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Make It or Break It

by Meghann on May 15, 2012

Booty call time!

This morning’s Tone it Up “booty call” called for 40 minutes of running with our own interpretation of added resistant (hills, sprints, intervals, etc). My interpretation of that meant 40 minutes on the treadmill with intervals of 3 minutes @ 7.5 and 2 minutes @ 4.0 (such as the previous HIIT workouts they’ve done). I probably could have picked up the speed (even though I’m still trying to take it easy), but, really, I just wanted an excuse to read my book (50 Shades of Grey) on the treadmill.

The book is still keeping me interested, but I’m starting to pull away from the can’t-put-it-down phase. I mean, do they really need to include so many – umm – graphic scenes? At first it was something fun and different to read, but now I’m just starting to feel exhausted for the girl. Take a breather.

I moved from the treadmill to the weight section where I decided to try an arm routine I recently pinned called the Tank Top Arms Workout by Fit Fab Cities  .

The workout included a variety of push ups, tricep dips, shoulder presses, and more. Some moves required 10 lb dumbbells, while others required 15. I repeated it twice. It was a fast, fun workout that challenged my arms in a way that had them struggling in the last couple of moves – they were exhausted! She also has a Lean Legs Workout that I wouldn’t mind trying next time. :)

I enjoyed a bowl of cereal for breakfast after my workout.


In the mix:

1/2 cup Whole Wheat Chex

1/2 cup Kashi Cinnamon H2H

Plain Chobani




Who caught the series finale of Make It or Break It last night?!?! Ahhh!!!

Deep down I knew that’s how they were going to end the show, but it still made me cry like a little baby. I’ve watched that show from the very beginning and it’s strange to think back at all the ups and downs they’ve had on their journey. When Emily’s character left the show, I thought for sure it was all going to go down hill, but it didn’t. In fact, I thought this season was one of the best and they were just getting started with where they could take the story line. Now I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope they make a TV movie. :)

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