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Monday Morning

by Meghann on May 14, 2012

Good Morning!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Mine was great:

What did you do? Any Mother’s Day fun?

Thanks to an early bed time (I love making it to bed before 10), it wasn’t too difficult getting out of bed this morning. I got up, took Maddie out, and headed out for an 4 mile run around the block.

I forgot to mention it on the blog yesterday, but I met my friend Rachel at the large bridge in Titusville yesterday and we did an easy 5 miles that included one back and forth over the bridge. I’m technically still recovering from my marathon and her stomach was giving her issues, so we really just took our time and walked when we wanted to. It was pretty refreshing to take such a casual approach to the road. We spent the majority of the time discussing wedding stuff (she’s getting married in September) and just ran when it felt right.

My run this morning was more or less the same. I didn’t walk, but I didn’t push it either. My legs did what they wanted to do and I just enjoyed the ride. Now that marathon season is over, I’m going to slowly start transitioning over to triathlon training. I still have another week before I plan to start pushing myself fully in running or cycling, and for now i’m just going to trot along slow and steady.

After the run (which I’ll count as today’s Tone it Up “booty call”), I followed Monday’s workout for the Tone it Up Bikini Series plan and repeated the “Under the Sea” workout 3 times.

For breakfast, I dug into the bag of leftovers that my sister-in-law sent me home with yesterday and made a simple breakfast bagel and apple breakfast.


The bagel was a cinnamon sugar bagel from a great bagel spot in Titusville (Bagel World). It’s a popular spot that I haven’t been to in years, but having the bagels on the table yesterday morning reminded me that I have to take Derek there for lunch next time we’re in town. (I also owe him a trip to Louis’ BBQ for any curious locals).


With my 1/2 a bagel, I had an apple with a mix of honey peanut butter and almond butter.


Definitely hit the spot.

The day has officially begun and it’s time to get this work week started.

Have a great day, everyone!

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