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Tampa Bay Bagel Co.

by Meghann on May 11, 2012

Derek LOVES bagels. He’s one of those “I’ll take a bagel over a donut” kinda guys and when it’s his turn to bring breakfast to the office, bagels are always his first choice. So when I saw a recent deal for a new bagel shop (Tampa Bay Bagel Co.) pop up a couple of months ago, I bought it figuring I could treat him to lunch out one day.


Tampa Bay Bagel Company has had a location in South Tampa for years, and was actually one of the highly recommended places folks told me to check out when I first moved here. Unfortunately I never made it to that end of town for bagels, but fortunately for me, they opened another location closer to my neck of the woods.


The bagel joint was small and surprisingly empty for noon on a Friday. The bagels were slim pickin’s so my guess is they get most of their mad rush for the breakfast hour, rather than lunch hour. It really didn’t bother us, we had zero wait and two employees that were happy to help us make our decision.

Derek and I both ordered the “lunch special” which came with a bagel sandwich (with choice of deli meat), a side salad, pickle, and a drink.


I got the everything egg bagel with turkey, onion, tomato, and spicy mustard. (they were out of lettuce :(). The bagel was toasted, yet still had a nice soft chew in the middle. I’d never had an everything egg bagel before (one of the reasons I ordered it) and enjoyed the extra chew and richness the egg bagel offered. The bagel + meat was extra filling, so I only managed to eat half at lunch. I saved the other half for later and plan to eat it as my afternoon snack. Derek finish his whole sandwich, then complained how uncomfortably stuffed he was in the car on the way home (which made me glad I only ate half).


The deli case was full of great, fresh options for the side salad. I went with the cucumber salad and loved it. It had fresh cilantro which really gave the cucumber a fresh taste.


Derek ordered the potato salad, which I’ll admit tasted way better than my cucumbers. It was the dill – the fresh dill was AWESOME and really worked well with the potatoes. Next time I’d order the potato salad.


I’m not sure Derek and I have ever gone out for lunch on a weekday together. (He works from home Thursdays and Fridays). It was a nice little getaway to escape from the day and just hang out without a computer between us (how we usually eat lunch together during the week). :)

Do you ever meet up with your significant other for lunch during the work week?

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