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by Meghann on May 10, 2012

I didn’t feel too hot when my alarm went off this morning. My head had been killing me all night and getting up didn’t help. My plan was to attempt to run this morning, but just taking Maddie outside proved to be a challenge – by that point my head was throbbing so much, I was getting sick to my stomach.

I took a couple of Advil and climbed back into to bed. I laid there for about two minutes before rushing to the restroom. Apparently the Advil didn’t agree with my stomach.

I’ve only had a handful of migraines in my life, but everyone of them felt like complete torture. My stomach felt better after rushing off to the bathroom, but my head was still throbbing and the room felt about a million degrees. I climbed back in bed on top of the covers and just tried to think of anything else.

Eventually I was able to snooze off and, thankfully, by the time I woke with Derek’s alarm an hour later, I felt a LOT better. I was even able to take Maddie for a little bit longer of a walk around the block this time.

I took the headache as a sign to rest and take it easy this morning. I’ll try running again tomorrow, my legs feel better, but mentally I’m not there yet. I’m fine with that.

Luckily, my appetite came back after I got up the second time. The sick-to-my-stomach feeling was gone and I was ready to eat.


This was a big bowl of cantaloupe topped with peanut butter, plain Chobani, strawberries, walnuts, and Quaker Oatmeal Squares.


It was a hefty mix of flavors and textures, but it managed to all come together. :)


*knock on wood* I already feel a lot better – let’s hope this pattern continues for the rest of the day!

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