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New Shoes

by Meghann on May 9, 2012

Hello, beautiful!


You know you’re a runner when… you have a stock pile of running shoes waiting for you in your closet. ;)

My beloved Brook Glycerin 8s were discontinued last year (something that my heart is still breaking over). Usually the golden rule is once you find a shoe you love – you stick with it… until they stop making it. :( The good news is that, when they stop making the shoe, you can usually find some pretty good deals online. I found my Brooks on clearance for under $60 last fall and bought three pairs. Hey, when you find a shoe that works for a good price – you stock up!

The Glycerin 8s haven’t disappeared completely yet (you can still find them online) and it was nice to just walk in my closet this morning for a fresh pair without having to think twice about it.

I took a brief break from my Brooks this winter to test drive the Mizuno route. The Mizunos worked great (hell, they got me through 2 new PRs!), but I definitely pushed them a little past their limits. My toes developed some blisters in the last few weeks of training that just didn’t look right. It felt so nice to slip on a brand new pair of shoes this morning – my feet were thanking me!

I wore my new shoes (and new Flying Pig Marathon shirt!) to the gym this morning to re-aquaint myself with the treadmill and weight room.


(p.s. totally digging the Flying Pig tech tee! It’s an asic’s brand women’s-fit tech tee that’s nice and long, but not too tight. It was just the right fit. )

My plans for the gym weren’t too ambitious. I brought my ipad and really just wanted to read while walking the treadmill. I set a goal of 30 minutes and found a comfortable pace at 3.5 with a 1% incline. Usually I’ll go for a higher incline when walking the treadmill, but my legs are still recovering from the hills of Cincinnati and anything higher than 1% was a little painful. Come one legs, recover already!

After the treadmill, I headed to the free weights for some arm work. Nothing big, just some shoulder presses, push-ups, and bicep curls. I’m hoping to get back with the Tone It Up plan when my legs are ready to be tortured again. ;)

Breakfast was the real winner this morning.


Three defrosted Oatmeal “Cookie” Pancakes that I reheated in the toaster and topped with peanut butter, pumpkin butter and apple slices. Talk about a delicious morning treat!


And filling too. Either that or I’m still stuff from last night’s sushi feast. ;)

Do you have a stockpile of running shoes in your closet?

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