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Test Run

by Meghann on May 1, 2012

Rule #1 of racing: Never try anything new on race day.

Number of times I’ve listened to that rule: 0

Number of times I’ve regretted not listening to that rule: Infinite

I went a little crazy the other week ordering a new race day outfit for Flying Pig. I’m a big believer that a big race deserves a new outfit, sorta like a big date requires a new dress – am I wrong? ;)

Of course, I knew I was taking a chance ordering the new outfit online two weeks before my marathon, but the damn photo sold me on it.

How cute is that outfit? Me want.

I found the Moving Comfort outfit on Amazon (top here, bottom here) and cashed in some rewards points (I <3 my Amazon credit card!) for a little race day splurge. It arrived yesterday and I was *this close* to just tossing it in my suitcase and crossing my fingers it would work on race day, when my better judgement took over and I decided a run around the block wouldn’t hurt.


Pretty, right?

I wore the new outfit on my 5 mile run this morning and it passed the test. I loved how light and airy the momentum shorts are, they also have that great wide soft band that I’m obsessed with. It’s good to see Moving Comfort is on the wide waistband band wagon. There’s also a hidden pocket on the back that can hold an ipod nano. The shirt is bright, vibrant, and beautiful. It has a built-in sports bra that’s made for medium impact, which is perfect for my sad excuse for a B-cup. No additional sports bra was needed and the girls stayed put the entire time. #Winning

Here’s the outfit post-5 miles.


Sweaty. Sweaty. Sweaty.

I have an outfit, now I just need the race. 5 days to go!

Do you splurge on a new outfit before race day? Or do you stick with what is tried and true?

After my run I had a big bowl of cantaloupe with peanut butter, Kashi Go Lean Crisp, and walnuts for breakfast.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but there is 1/2 a cantaloupe buried underneath those toppings. Soooo good. :)


Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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