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Hot and Sweaty

by Meghann on April 28, 2012

See that smile?


I’m only smiling because I’m done. My last double digit run before the Flying Pig Marathon is in the bag and I’d like to say that it was all rainbows and sunshine, but it wasn’t it. It was hot, it was tough, and now it’s done.


Woo hoo! :)

Last night Derek and I took it easy with a date night out thanks to a gift card to Bonefish he got for his birthday.


I’ve found that Bonefish is a hit or miss and last night was unfortunately a miss. It was our bad for trying to eat there on a Friday night, I’ll admit that. Even though we did call ahead to put our name in, we still ended up waiting a good 45 minutes for our table. Then, once we were seated, our food took just as long (or longer) to get to us. We left our house to eat around 6:30 and didn’t return home until close to 9:00.

IMG_2708.JPG IMG_2709.JPG

We did enjoy the Bonefish bread basket while we waited.


IMG_2705.JPG IMG_2706.JPG

And I had the asparagus and salmon salad, which was tasty. I love how it’s very lightly dressed, I just wish there had been more than three pieces of asparagus (well, two after Derek stole one :-P).


When our bill arrived, Derek laughed and said we make a cheap date. Our total was just a little bit under our $25 gift card (we tipped in cash). He had a burger, I had a salad, and neither of us ordered any drinks. We weren’t even trying to be cheap, that’s just the way it worked out. ha!

After dinner we watched our latest Netflix arrival (The Sitter – it was funny, but not worth seeing again) and I had a bowl of strawberries and an attune bar for dessert.


This morning I was up just after 6:00 and had an english muffin with peanut butter, pumpkin butter, and raisins before heading out the door for my run.


After so many long runs from my front door, I decided to have a little fun and made the extra effort to drive across town for one of my favorite running routes in Tampa – Bayshore.

Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 10.24.11 AM.png

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning to run. Seriously, not a cloud in the sky! Unfortunately no clouds also meant the sun was out in full force and I was drowning in sweat before I was even halfway done. I tried to enjoy the scenery and take everything in, but I was just too tired. I had to bribe myself in the last few miles just to finish. “Just get through these miles and you can stop at Buddy Brew on the way home for an iced coffee.” Have you ever had a Buddy Brew iced coffee? At $4 a pop, it’s a ridiculously overpriced beverage, but seriously the best iced coffee you’ll ever drink (complete with a foamy top!).


I saw a dolphin in the last mile and had to stop and take it in. I like to think that spotting a dolphin on Bayshore is a sign of good luck. :)

Eventually I did finish the 11 miles (woo hoo!) and made good on my bribe.


Dear Buddy Brew, I love you. xoxo Meghann


I was even nice and brought one home to Derek. (#Tip You earn a free iced coffee with your first check-in on Yelp at Buddy Brew ;))

Thank goodness I thought ahead and had breakfast waiting for me at home. <– I was HUNGRY!


One jar of overnight oats (1/2 cup rolled oats, honey peanut butter, milk, greek yogurt, chia seeds, and raisins) with an apple on top.


Perfect post-run fuel.


And now I see the pool in my future. Amen to that!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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