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Wedding: Something Old – My Mother’s Veil

by Meghann on April 27, 2012

Wasn’t my mother stunning on her wedding day?


It was 1982 and lace and poof was big. My mom rocked it. She simply glowed.


Fast forward 30 years later… and me? Well… let’s just say it doesn’t have quite the same effect.


Feel free to laugh. My mom did.

Thankfully my mom was never one of those moms who dreamt of her little girls one day getting married in her wedding dress (God bless her). In fact, she never even had it preserved. It’s been sitting in the back of her closet for the last 30 years and has only seen the light of day a total of three times when it was moved from one closet to another during a move. When you think of it that way, the dress held up pretty well!

I also never had any plans of wearing my mom’s wedding dress, but I have always wanted to incorporate a part of the dress in some way on my big day. My original plan was to cut a piece of fabric from my mom’s dress and have it sewn into the bodice of my dress as a form of good luck (my something old), but my sister vetoed that. My mom had no problems with us cutting her dress, but my sister couldn’t bear it (even though she had no plans of wearing the dress herself).

Plan B came about after my little brother got engaged. We were dress shopping with his future wife and a conversation started with what she would wear as a veil on her big day (originally she didn’t want one). One idea led to another and the idea of the three of us (my sister-in-law, my sister, and I) wearing a piece of my mom’s veil on each our wedding days was formed.


My mom was married around the same time as Princess Diana. Long veils were BIG and – as I like to say – my mom had enough veil to clothe an army! There was plenty of tulle to go around and definitely enough to produce three beautiful veils.

My sister-in-law was married first (this past February). She wore the blusher piece of my mom’s veil (the original piece that was worn to cover the face) on her wedding day and looked beautiful. The piece of the veil was perfect.


Kelly will be married in June and will be wearing the top portion of the original veil. I requested the bottom lace for mine. When I was home last weekend my mom measured how much lace would be needed, then cut the veil to sizing.


There are a couple of holes and wear and tear to the tulle and lace, but I think it adds some charm to it. :)


Once the veil was cut, my mom sewed it to a pearled hair piece she had picked up at Hobby Lobby, then hand beaded the lace with mini pearls she had also picked up at Hobby Lobby.


A hand beaded lace veil could cost hundreds of dollars! My mom finished mine in a day for a total of $5 in supplies!


Not only that, the veil has special meaning to it. It’s part of the veil my mom wore on her wedding day, it’s part of the veil my sister-in-law wore on her wedding day, and it’s part of the veil my sister will wear on her wedding day. This veil may just be my favorite part of my whole wedding day ensemble and I can’t wait to wear it.


Of course, the white needs to be toned down a bit (we’re going to stain some test swatches in tea before attempting to stain the veil – stay tuned!), but that will come in time. I need to have my dress here first to make sure it matches perfectly.


Having the veil is one more thing I can cross off the list! Woo hoo! Check!

I have a few more elements of my parents’ (and Derek’s parents’) wedding that I plan to incorporate in our wedding in January. The veil is just part I – family is very important important to us and we want to honor them as much as we can on our big day. :)

Did you incorporate your mother’s wedding dress into your wedding day?

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