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Booty Burn

by Meghann on April 26, 2012

Good Morning!

Thursdays have become my “easy” mornings. No running, just a 2 mile walk with Maddie (aka The One Who Sniffs A Lot). It took us 30 minutes to complete the loop, then I followed Wednesday’s Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge (remember, I’m a day behind) and completed the Bikini Beach Bum Workout on YouTube.

Only, it felt short, so I did it twice. My bum is now a burnin’.

The goal is to also hit a yoga class up this afternoon. :)



I amped up my bowl of Hot Buckwheat Cereal with a 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese. I stirred it in during the last couple of minutes of cooking to add a touch of creaminess and a boost of protein filling power.


On top was a generous scoop of honey peanut butter, strawberries, and a small handful of Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon.


Delicious. :)

CONGRATS Katy and Lucas on their BIG announcement this morning! Head over to her blog to see the fun, creative way she broke the news!

I love it when my small town pops up in the news.


I find this more amusing than anything, since I don’t have an opinion either way, but Daniel Tosh (who grew up in Titusville, graduated from the same high school I did in 1993, and whose mom works with my mom at the hospital) offered the city $7,000 to place a “Tosh 5.29″ banner on the city’s water tower to celebrate his 37th birthday on May 29th. The story has since made its rounds on Facebook because a) Titusville is in the news and Titusville is never in the news and b) many people can’t understand why the city said no. There is now this whole debate on whether the city should allow the sign up or not (city council already voted no 4-1). I guess you know it’s a slow news day when… Maybe the city should just charge him twice as much and call it a good publicity stunt for the city? Who knows.

Did you go to the same high school as any famous people? Cris Collinsworth (football player/sports announcer) graduated from Astronaut right before my parents started. My brother always found it amusing when he saw him on TV talking about his “War Eagle days.”

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