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I’m Going DZ at Discovery Zone

by Meghann on April 25, 2012

*I updated the wedding page today! Click over for a look back at all the details that went into creating my parents’ wedding day in 1982.*

I was really craving almond butter for lunch today. I haven’t had it in a while and knew it would be delicious with the other half of my (very large) pear from breakfast.


I was right – it was delicious. It was also fabulous with the sharp cheddar cheese and corn english muffin that I piled the combination on top of.


If you haven’t tried the cheese + pear (or apple) + nut butter combo yet, do it. Sounds funny, tastes amazing!


My spoon still had some extra almond butter on it, so I drizzled it over the fresh green beans on the side. Also, sounds like a funny combo, but it worked.


Maddie says hi!


This song has been stuck in my head all week thanks to Monday’s episode of Pawn Stars (Derek loves that show)

“I’m goin’ DZ at Discovery, discover what I can do on my own.”

Ahhhh…. LOVED Discovery Zone as a kid! We used to beg my parents to take us there when we were kids and would spend hours getting lost in the tubes or playing at the arcade. Good times. Good times.

Any 90s jingles been stuck in your head lately?!

Psstt…. CONGRATS to the winners of the LUNA Fiber giveaway (Beth, Amy J., and Lauren G.)! All the winners have been contacted and prizes are on their way! :)

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