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Yeah, Baby

by Meghann on April 20, 2012

Gooooddddd Morning!

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday and I just returned from a gorgeous 6 mile run around my parents’ neighborhood. I love running around here because it’s a nice change of scenery from my runs back home. I ran by some swamps (while keeping my eye out for alligators) and through one of my favorite parks I used to visit all the time as a kid.

About a mile away from the house – you know, that mile away where you’re almost done and are a hot, sweaty mess? – I had a truck drive by and give a big honk while yelling “yeah, baby.” I couldn’t help but laugh. Did I just get a cat call?

In the 4+ years I’ve been running (has it really been 4+ years?!?) I’ve only had a cat call a couple of times while running. Most people seem to drive by per usual on their way to work and – you know – this is 2012 after all. Who cat calls anymore?

Have you ever had a cat call while running?

After my run I found my dad in the kitchen making breakfast – perfect timing, right?

I’ll have two scrambled eggs with a toasted mini bagel and butter, please. :)


I cut the pear and strawberries myself. The pear was extra ripe and extra juicy. Yum!


My dad took the day off to help with set-up. As I said last night, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s use these as the before shots.


And from the other side.


Today’s agenda:

  • Clean the house
  • Set-up the great room
  • Prep food
  • Finish pinwheels
  • Squeeze in conference call for HLS and lunch with an old friend.

Ready. Set. Go!

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